Chapter 2 Meet Lily Ray

Bas12 Lily Ray's Home Lily Ray lived a very quiet life in an old country cottage she inherited from her grandmother. It was a charming old house, surrounded by trees, with a small vegetable garden. Lily loved her neighborhood, which was tranquil and safe, with very nice neighbors.

Bas15a Lily Halloween

Bas15b Lily Halloween 2

Bas13 Lily SleepsBas13b Lily Reads

Bas16 Lily Internet Dating

Lily scans the internet profile of other singles in her neighborhood

But as peaceful as Lily’s life may have seemed, she did did not feel content. Lily was tired of spending day after day alone. She read alone, she worked in her garden and went for long walks alone, and she slept alone during the long, cold winter nights. One day, Lily worked up the courage to put her profile on a local internet dating website.

To her surprise, she soon began to receive offers from a number of eligible bachelors who were interested in dating her. She began to attend parties and dates, and tried very hard to find a man with whom she could connect. Unfortunately, the dating world was filled with disappointments. She just couldn’t imagine being with any of the men she met.

Bas18 Bad Dates

“Hi, my name is Ferdinand. I hate the outdoors and basically live in my basement, eating pizza and playing video games. Oh, and I’m unemployed.”

Bas14 Lily Dasting

“Hello, my name is Quentin. I love to talk all about me. Me me me me me. What do you think about me? I know, I’m so great.”

Bas14c Bas14b


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