Chapter 3 Adriano and Lily


Bas19 They MeetAdriano and Lily did not meet through a dating service. They met because one day, while out for a jog in the park, Lily lost her wallet. Adriano, who was playing frisbee in the same park with his dog, Jimi, stumbled upon the wallet and decided to return it to Lily personally. It was strange – neither Lily nor Adriano had ever believed in things like fate or love at first sight. But from the moment they met, both sensed that there was something…special. Bas20

They hit it off right away, conversing easily about the things they both liked best. When Adriano finally asked her if she would go out on a date with him, Lily eagerly accepted. Bas27Bas28  Bas26


“I really like you.”
“I really like you, too.”

Their first date went so well, that they soon went out on a second. And a third. And many more dates over the next year.

Bas21 Bas22 Bas23 Bas24 Bas29 Bas30


“I am falling in love with you, Lily Ray.”


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