Chapter 5 Life Together in the Country

Bas47 Country Life Adriano and Lily had a vegetable garden. They grew many types of fruits and vegetables. It was a lot of hard work to maintain, especially since the climate in Misty Creek was often cool and wet. Adriano, who was studying to become a doctor, often did not have the time to work in the garden. And so, every day when Lily came home from her job at the library, she spent time weeding and fertilizing and caring for the plants, through every type of weather.

Bas 113 Gardening Bas 108 GardeningBas 56Bas 61 Gardening

Their back garden also had a small fishing pond, where Adriano liked to catch fish from time to time. They often ate fresh-caught fish and foods cooked with their own homegrown produce.  Bas 70 Fishing in the Backyard PondBas 55

Bas 59 Farmers Market

Adriano negotiating prices at the farmers’ market

Bas 53

Adriano and Lily at the local farmers’ market while Lily is pregnant.

And every weekend, rain or shine, they took their fresh foods to the local farmers’ market, to sell to the neighbors. That is, until their first son, Michael, was born. Suddenly, the Bastida-Ray Family became busy raising a different type of garden. Soon after Michael’s birth, Lily became pregnant again. Months later, their daughter, Sofia, was born.

Bas 54


Bas 63 Sofia

Sofia joins the family

Bas 57


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