Chapter 7 Romance After Kids


Bas 82 Potty Training

In spite of their busy family life, Adriano and Lily often made time to be together. They loved to take overnight trips together, just the two of them, every now and then. They went out for dates around the town. Their favorite date place was The Exploding Dragon, an Asian-themed bistro, bar, nightclub, and mini-casino.  Bas 69Bas 68 Dates After Kids

They also loved the mediterranean restaurant near the farmer’s market – especially the romantic hot tub in the garden.Bas 80 Bas 81

Other times, the couple enjoyed taking long drives around the countryside. Luckily, their car was an eco-friendly, fuel-efficient, next-generation hybrid.  Bas 83 Long Drives in the Car

And for those times when they simply could not get away from it all, Adriano and Lily carved out creative ways to spend time together, just enjoying one another’s company.

Bas 100 Watching the Rain

Adriano and Lily sit and talk in the rain

Bas 100 Rainy Days


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