Chapter 8 Adriano and the Visitor

Adriano Bastida-Ray was starting be become a household name around Misty Creek. He was the Man Who Could Do Everything. A gardener, a fisherman, an outstanding father, unbeatable at chess or video games, a rising star in the medical community, and he could even play guitar. Which is, in fact, what he was doing one night at the bar when a young man began to suffer some sort of attack.

“A doctor!” the man gasped, wild-eyed. “I need a doctor!” Luckily for him, Adriano was there. He dropped his guitar and rushed to the man’s aid. Luckily, there was nothing seriously wrong – only a mild asthma attack, made worse by panic. But still, everyone applauded Adriano for coming to the rescue.

Bas 108 Date in the Bar Bas 109 The Patient Bas 110

What the citizens of Misty Creek, and in fact, even his wife, Lily, did not know, was that Adriano had a deep, dark secret. He himself liked to forget about his secret. He had shoved it to the far recesses of his mind, until one night, when his cell phone rang. The voice on the other end made him shiver.Bas 116 Busy Busy Life

“I’m coming for you tonight,” said the strange, unearthly voice.

Late that night, when the neighborhood was fast asleep, Adriano saw the gleaming lights of the ship as it descended from the skies and landed in front of his house. He hurried downstairs before his visitor could ring the doorbell and expose his secret to his family.

“Hello, Mother,” Adriano said to the visitor. “You shouldn’t have come.” He and his mother spent the next two hours talking.

“I want you to return home with me tonight,” said his mother. “To your true home, Adriano.” She pointed up to the stars.

“I will never go back there,” said Adriano angrily. “My home is here, with Lily and our kids. I am human, like my father. You should not have come.”

  Bas 119 The Visitor Bas 119

Bas 120

Bas 121

“Return with me tonight, to your true home,” said the Visitor.
“No, this is my true home now,” said Adriano.

Adriano’s mother suddenly looked very old and very sad, at least for an extra-terrestrial. She kissed him on the cheek, then returned to her spaceship and flew off into the night.

Bas 122


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