Chapter 9 The Bastida-Ray Kids

Bas 116You wouldn’t guess it to meet them, but Lily and Adriano were a very passionate, sensual couple. It didn’t take much for one to get the other in the mood. A whispered word, a song, even just a smoldering look was all it took, before the couple was burning with longing to make love. Of course, with three children, this was not always easy to do, but Lily and Adriano were also very creative and resourceful. Bas 117Bas 118The years were passing by, sometimes with almost frightening speed. Michael, Sofia, and Violeta were growing faster than radishes in the garden. Each of their children was so special, and so unique. Michael, for example, was fascinated with science.

Bas 115 Michael the Scientist

One of Michael’s science experiments goes awry one afternoon.

Bas 98 Michael

Bas 106 Michael makes friends with Carly

Michael at Sofia'a Birthday Party Michael chats with his best friend, Carly Normal.

Bas 130 Michael

Michael becomes a teenager

Bas 131 Michael the Scientist

Michael grows better at his science experiments and hopes to create an invisibility potion.

Bas 132 Michael Starts to Date

Michael hangs out with his best friend, Carly, and his girlfriend, Rebecca.

He was a very friendly, athletic kid who got terrific grades in school and was well-liked by nearly everyone.

Then there was Sofia. Sofia was very animated and creative. So creative, in fact, that sometimes she exasperated her parents by making up elaborate lies. Still, she had an undeniable talent for painting and playing instruments, and had a very intense imagination.

Bas 115 The Playground

Sofia plays at the park with a neighborhood friend

Bas 112 Sofia

Bas 123

Sometimes Sofia’s imagination was a little too intense.

   Bas 114 Sofia the Artist

Little Violeta was the baby, and often so sweet and quiet that no one really noticed her. She loved to be outdoors in the garden, just watching the birds and daydreaming.

Bas 113 Violeta Bas 190 Violeta and Felicity

Lily and Adriano adored their children and loved to spend time with them.

Bas 124 Bas 125 Bas 126 Bas 127

Life was often busy, with three kids, two jobs, the ever-growing garden, and fixing up the old house. But all was well and content. And then, out of the blue, along came Baby Felicity.

Bas 133 Birth Number 4 Bas 134 Baby Felicity