Chapter 11 Viva la France!

It took some time to acquire passports and arrange for time off from work, but at last the Bastida-Ray family arrived in France, in a charming little village in the French countryside.

“I can’t wait! I want to eat French fries and French bread,” said Violeta, who loved to eat. “And soufflé, and crepes, and escargot, and quiche…”

“I can’t wait to taste a good bottle of French wine,” said Lily.

“How about we start things off with a nice French kiss?” said Adriano, with a suggestive lift of the eyebrows.

“Da-aad! Don’t say things like that in front of us kids!” Sofia frowned.

Bas 149 Bastida Ray Family in France

There were so many things to see and do in France. It was a little challenging, trying to get around with little knowledge of the French language, but somehow they managed. They tried eating all sorts of French cuisine and delicacies. Michael and Adriano even dared to taste escargot and frogs’ legs, while the rest of the family looked on in horror.

“What’s the big deal?” asked Adriano. “It tastes like fish.”

Michael gave him a puzzled look. “Don’t you mean it tastes like chicken?”

“Meh. Everyone says that,” said Adriano. “Anyway, I like fish better than chicken.”

Later, he and Lily discovered a wonderful old winery, where they washed down the rich French food with expensive French wines. Lily even got to stomp grapes and learn how to make homemade wines.

Bas 169

Adriano shops for expensive (and delicious) French wines.

Bas 152 Making Wine in France

Lily strips to her swimsuit and stomps grapes in the old winery

There was something for everyone in France. Sofia met a cute French boy and spent hours playing chess with him (even though she was not crazy about playing chess).

Bas 150 Playing Chess in France  Bas 151 Fishing in France France Adriano taught the kids how to fish, and they all spent many leisurely hours in the French countryside, catching fish – and even frogs!

Bas 178 Violeta and Felicity Fishing in France

Felicity catches her first fish. Violeta catches her first frog, which she throws back after her dad threatens to roast it for dinner.

And night after night, when the children had retreated to their hotel room, exhausted from a long day of fun, Adriano and Lily retreated to their own hotel room, where they had even more fun, and more wine, and plenty of French kisses.

Bas 157 France RomanceBas 159Bas 158Bas 170 French KissBas 171Bas 172

Bas 172 (2)

Ooh la la! Vive la France!


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