Ch 12 France, Part 2

All in all, the vacation to France was one that the Bastida-Ray family would never forget. Bas France 7During their two weeks, the family ate at many interesting restaurants and visited many historic sites and museums.

Most of their sightseeing was rather uneventful, except for the time when Adriano got separated from the tour group while visiting an old cathedral just outside of Paris. Somehow, he stumbled upon a hidden underground chamber and became trapped in a labyrinth. Despite his cries for help, no one came to his rescue. Luckily, he stumbled across a random pickaxe that just so happened to be lying on the cold, hard floor. After many grueling hours of labor, he managed to break a hole in the wall and escape from the chamber.

Bas 154 Adventure in France Bas 155 Adriano lost in a an underground maze Bas 153 Adventure in France

“Where were you Dad?” asked Michael, upon seeing his father covered in dirt. “You missed the tour of the church.”

Embarrassed, Adriano just shrugged.

Bas Return 8 school

Sadly, the vacation came to an end. All too soon, the family had to return home. It was terribly hard to settle back into school and work.

As family life at last seemed to return to normal, however, Adriano and Lily realized that their son, Michael, had a problem. He was a fine student in school, and mostly a pretty good kid. But he was starting to develop a reputation of being a flirt and a player with the girls in his school. He often had more than one girlfriend at a time, and his flirtatious ways broke a few young hearts.

Bas return 2

Michael talks science with one of his girlfriends, Nicole.

bas return 10

bas return 12

Michael rejects a girl with a crush on him, telling her that she is too fat for him.

After the parents of one heartbroken girl called, Adriano decided that it was time to have a talk with his son.

“You are not God’s gift to girls,” he scolded. “You need to tone it down. Stop being an asshole, and date one girl at a time!” Michael promised to do better, especially after Adriano threatened to stop teaching him how to drive a car.

Bas Return 3

“Stop screwing around with these young girls’ hearts, or I won’t teach you how to drive a car!”

Bas return 4 Michael learns to drive Bas return 6


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