Chapter 13 How to Cure the Blues

Bas 84 Jimi died When their faithful German Shepherd, Jimi, died of old age, Adriano and Lily were inconsolable. He had been such a wonderful, loyal dog for so many years. Lily simply could not stop crying over the painful loss.

One evening, Adriano decided to cheer up Lily with a surprise date to The Plunge – a very expensive and trendy swim bar that had just opened on the outskirts of town. Lily gasped when walked through the doors. The entire club was designed around a beautiful see-through swimming pool which sat right in the middle of everything. The community’s wealthiest citizens were enjoying drinks at the bar, munching on sushi, and dancing around in their swimsuits.

Bas 86 More Dates

Adriano and Lily try to cheer each other up by drinking and dancing the night away.

Bas 86Bas 87


“This is simply amazing!” Lily exclaimed. The two of them forgot about their sadness for awhile as they danced the night away.

After a few drinks, Lily led Adriano over to the elevator. After a quick peek around to make sure no one was watching, the couple slipped inside. As the doors slid shut, and the elevator began to rise, so did the temperature inside the elevator. If any of the other guests overheard Lily and Adriano’s cries of passion over the music, no one mentioned anything after the doors opened and Lily and Adriano emerged from the elevator, red-faced but smiling.


Bas 88 Bas 89 Bas 90 Love in an Elevator Bas 91 Love in an Elevator Bas 92 Adriano pulls up his shorts
















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