Chapter 14 Adriano and The Rich Life

Adriano Bastida-Ray was a rich man. He was now a highly-esteemed doctor, well-known throughout the medical community. He was also well-known and well-liked by his neighbors.

Bas rich life 2bas rich life 9

bas rich life 1

The spark never goes out for Adriano and Lily

He was married to the smartest, most talented, kindest, sexiest, funniest, most beautfiul woman in Misty Creek.

He was also the father of four terrific and talented children.

bas rich life 10

Violeta practices soccer while Felicity plays with her doll.

bas rich life 13

Sofia practices piano (in the newly remodeled family room)

Bas rich life 6

Lily, and Adriano enjoy lunch with Sofia and Violeta (in the newly remodeled dining room)

That is, until Lily became pregnant again and gave birth to twins – Catalina and Dawn. (Then Adriano was thankful that their family had so much money, because life with six children was very, very expensive).

bas rich life 14

bas rich life 15 twins Adriano plays with the baby twins, Catalina and Dawn.

Still, despite all the money, the esteem, the loving wife, and the perfect family, Adriano felt as though something was missing from his life. What it could be, he was not exactly certain. Until one day, while out at the local farmer’s market, he saw something so beautiful, it made his heart skip a beat.

Bas rich life 4

bas rich life 5

Adriano sees a gorgeous, cherry-red sports car and suddenly realizes what is missing from his life.

Now he knew just was was missing from his life! Here he was, still driving the same 15 year-old car to work each day. But what he really wanted was a car as sexy as his wife, so to speak. And so, after much shopping around, he finally drove her home.

bas rich life 16

bas rich life 15 Adriano’s sweet new ride


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