Chapter 16: The House on Elysium Island

Adriano and Lily gave the matter a great deal of thought. The family could choose to stay and rebuild in Misty Creek, close to friends and acquaintances who had known them for many years. But the truth was, after so many years of soggy weather and misty skies, the entire family was leaning toward a change in climate. And so, after collecting the insurance money for their burned-down home, Adriano and Lily bought a very modern, sunny, 3-story house on Elysium Island.

Bas New Home Elysium Island

The amazing and beautiful new home on Elysium Island

The house was spacious and filled with light. The kitchen was huge, and filled with shiny, high-tech appliances. Bas New home 2Bas Island new home 3 Bas Island new home 4 But the most astonishing thing of all was the view.

“It’s breathtaking!” gasped Lily when she looked out of the wide kitchen windows. Right there in the backyard, the family had a pristine, sandy beach that sloped down to the sparkling blue sea.

“It’s like we died and went to heaven,” said Sofia in agreement. “I can’t wait to paint a picture of the landscape.”

Outside the house was even more amazing than the inside. Everywhere they looked, there was blue sky, blue waves, white sand, and green palm trees swaying in the breeze.

“And look! There’s even a trampoline!” cried Violeta, bouncing up and down and laughing. “This is the best house ever!

“It sure is,” said Michael. “Thanks for burning down our old house, sis.”

Bas Island new home 5

“Wheeeeee!” cries Violeta.

They had brought with them their adopted horse, Pip, who had grown to become a very special friend for Felicity. Now that the weather was so clear and perfect every day, she took Pip for regular walks and runs all around Elysium Island, often not returning home until silvery stars were twinkling in the night sky.

Bas Island new home 6

Felicity becomes great friends with the family’s horse, Pip.

Bas Island new home 11Adriano and Lily discovered the simple pleasure of taking long walks together around town. The island town was so beautiful, and relaxed, and filled with interesting people and plants and wildlife. Sometimes it was nice to find a bench to sit upon and just enjoy the moment. Bas Island New Home 7

One evening, after Adriano finished his work at the hospital, he and Lily met up to talk a walk around a nearby park. There was another couple in the park – a Bas Island new home 9lesbian couple who were also out for a casual stroll. Suddenly, one of the women was overcome by intense pains. She doubled over, and her partner cried out for help. Luckily, Adriano was there to step in and offer assistance. And luckily, the pains seemed to be caused by nothing more than severe indigestion.

“How can we ever thank you?” asked the women.

Bas Island new home 8

A woman in the park is suddenly overcome by intense abdominal pain.

Bas Island new home 10

Lesbian couple (and their teenage son) expressing their gratitude to Adriano.

“No need,” said Adriano. “Just doing my job.”


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