Chapter 17 Sun, Sand, Surf, & Zeru

The family soon began to settle into life on Elysium Island. In some ways, things were not very different from their lives in Misty Creek. The children still went to school everyday, although the island’s school was very small. The children had an easy time settling in and making new friends. Apparently, the story about their old house burning down had spread throughout the school, and everyone was eager to hear the story first hand from the Bastida-Ray kids.

Bas I2 6 Bas I2 7 New SchoolLily found a part-time job at the local library, and Adriano began teaching classes at the nearby medical school. With such a light work load, and no garden to fill up their time, Lily and Adriano found themselves with a great deal of extra time to just relax and enjoy the pleasures of life. Adriano took to experimenting with local cuisine in the kitchen. Lily began to spend time shopping in the local shops, and styling her hair like the local women.

Bas I4 relax 9

Lily and Violeta enjoy a vegetarian garlic-ginger stir-fry dish which Adriano prepared.

Bas I2 8

Lily tries to recapture some of her youthful beauty.

Bas I4 relax 1 Bas I2 11 And then there was the beach – the beach! Before moving to the island, the family had only traveled to the seashore once, and thought it the most wonderful sight they had ever seen. But now, they had stunning views of the ocean from every part of their home, from every place they traveled around town. In the mornings, they often enjoyed taking a dip in the warm, shallow waters of the ocean. And in the evenings, there was nothing like relaxing on the soft, white sand as the coppery sun slowly sank below the horizon.

Bas I4 relax 10

Michael wades in the ocean from the family’s priBas I4 relax 11vate beach.

Bas I4 relax 2Bas I4 Relax 3Life was like a paradise…at least for a while. Then late one night, the doorbell rang.

Everyone else was sound asleep. But Adriano, for some unknown reason, was awake even before he heard the doorbell. Quickly, he rushed downstairs to answer the door, thinking that one of their new neighbors may be in urgent need of a doctor’s care. He did not, however, expect to find the visitor who awaited him.

“Hello, Brother,” said the stranger.

Bas I2 2 The Visitor

A mysterious stranger awaited at the door.

Adriano rubbed his eyes. “Zeru! Is it really you?” Adriano had not seen his brother since they were boys.

Zeru nodded. “I have traveled a great distance to see you, brother.” Adriano, afraid that his family would see his strange relative, stepped outside. He and Zeru spent the next hour talking about their lives on separate planets. Zeru was a physician, too, just like Adriano. He had a wife – well, several wives, as was the custom on their planet, and children.

Bas I2 The Visitor Zeru

“Zeru, is that really you?” Adriano greeted his estranged brother.

Bas I2 brothers “You must find the courage to tell your family about your past,” Zeru

told Adriano. “They deserve to know who you are. And who they are.”

“I will try, brother,” Adriano promised as his brother boarded his spacecraft and flew off into the star-studded sky. “I will try.” Bas I2 4 Bas I2 5


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