Chapter 18 – Parties and Police

Michael and Sofia were now grownups, navigating the ups and downs of adult life. Though they still lived at home, they were often busy with college classes and part-time work. The twins, Catalina and Dawn, were now two of the sweetest, brightest little girls Adriano and Lily could hope to raise. They hardly ever fought, got good grades in school, and usually did as they were told. So one weekend, in order to award the little girls for their good behavior and schoolwork, Lily and Adriano decided to take them to Disneyworld for a vacation.

Bas I2 9 Catalina and Dawn

Catalina (left) and Dawn (right)

Bas I2 15 Catalina

Catalina loves to play EA Sports video games on the computer

“It isn’t fair!” complained Felicity. “We want to go, too!”Bas I2 13 C and D

“You’ve already been to Disneyworld,” Adriano said patiently. “Besides, you need to stay here and care for your horse.”

“It will just be you and Violeta,” said Lily. “Please be good, girls. Don’t burn down the house!”

“We won’t,” the two teens promised.

And so Adriano, Lily, and the two youngest girls were off to Florida for the weekend.

“Yahoooooo!!!!” cried Violeta after they left. She began to play her guitar very noisily. “We’re going to have a paaaarrrtyyyyy!”

Violeta plans a party when their parents are out.

Violeta plans a party when their parents are out.

“Violeta, you’re going to get us in trouble!” said Felicity. But she did not stop her sister from calling everyone in school to invite them to their house that night.

By eight o’clock, the most popular kids in school were dancing in the Bastida-Ray’s family room, gorging themselves on pizza, and making out. Bas I3 party 1Bas I3 party 2 Bas I3 party 5 Bas I3 party 3 To Felicity’s pleasure, Richard Reed, the cutest boy in her grade, not only attended the party, but danced with her the whole night.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” Richard finally asked her a few hours later.

“Of course!” said Felicity. She was so excited, that she turned up the music even louder. “This is the BEST PARTY EVER!” she squealed over the volume.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Everyone froze. Then Felicity went to answer it.

It was the police. One of the neighbors, who knew that the girls were home without parents that weekend, had called the police to check on them when they heard the loud music.

Bas I3 party 6 Bas I3 party 7

“Party’s over, kids,” said the officer. The party scattered.

“See you at school, Felicity!” Richard called as he raced out the front door.

“If my parents don’t kill me first,” said Felicity.

Of course, her parents did not kill them. But when Adriano and Lily found out about the party, they grounded Felicity and Violeta for the next two months.


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