Chapter 19 – People of the Sea, People of the Sky

Well, luckily for Felicity and Violeta, their parents did not find out about the wild party the girls had thrown. They returned from Disneyworld with Catalina and Dawn, all refreshed and happy.  Catalina and Dawn SwimmingAnd for the entire family, life went on as usual. The twins played together. Felicity continued dating her boyfriend, Richard. She secretly thought it was a little strange that he had two lesbian moms instead of a mom and dad, but she didn’t tell him that.

Felicity and her boyfriend Richard

Felicity and her boyfriend Richard

Felicity and Richard

Violeta also began to date – no one special, just a few boys here and there in her high school. She was too busy playing guitar and getting straight A’s to worry much about boys, anyway.

Adriano with Dawn, Violeta with a boy she is dating, just after a local semi-pro soccer game.

Adriano with Dawn, Violeta with a boy she is dating, just after a local semi-pro soccer game.

Bas I2 14

Michael and Sofia studying for university and medical school classes

Michael and Sofia were now young adults with extremely busy lives. Bas I4 5 Michael, who was following in his dad’s footsteps, was working very hard in medical school. He studied during nearly every moment of his free time, day and night. In fact, the only thing that stopped him from becoming a total workaholic with no life was meeting Emmy Estrella.

He met Emmy by chance. One night, he was following directions to a study group session with his classmates. However, Michael had the wrong address. He found himself in the living room of the Estrella family, face-to-face with the strangest, and yet, most beautiful girl he had ever met.

Bas I4 4

Michael meets Emmy Estrella

Bas I4 3

“My name is Emmy,” she told him. She was twenty years old, and studying to become a chef at the local culinary academy. Her skin had a very unusual greenish tint, but she had the loveliest, clearest eyes he had ever seen. Then, to Michael’s surprise, Emmy’s mother walked in the room. She, too, was beautiful, but completely green.


“We’re not from around here,” Emmy explained. “You see…we come from a long line of…of…people of the sea.” She whispered this last part, not looking at Michael.

“What?” Michael’s mouth dropped open. “Are you trying to tell me that you guys are…mermaids?” He looked back and forth from Emmy to her mother in disbelief. “Impossible!” They must be crazy, he decided, leaving the Estrella house. After all, there was no such thing as mermaids. No mermaids, no witches, no vampires or ghosts — how ridiculous! Still, he could not forget Emmy’s beautiful face.

What Michael still did not know, however, was of his own extra-human heritage. He did not know that his own father was half extraterrestrial, half human. Adriano still had not told his family the truth. But he continued to hear his brother’s words in his mind: You must find the courage to tell your family about your past. And so finally, late one afternoon, he pulled Lily aside. “There is something you should know,” he said. And he told her everything.

Screenshot-3213 (2)

Adriano tells Lily all about his extraterrestrial ethnic heritage

Screenshot-3214 Screenshot-3215 (2)

To his surprise, Lily was not shocked or weirded out in the least. Instead, she embraced him. “Adriano, even if you were the offspring of the devil himself, I would love you more than life.” Adriano was filled with tremendous relief. Lily had not run away screaming. She did not think that he was a monster. She still accepted him. She still loved him. And, of course, he loved her more than ever.

Screenshot-3216 (2) Screenshot-3217 (2) Screenshot-3219 (2) Screenshot-3220 Screenshot-3224 Screenshot-3222


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