Chapter 20 Sofia the Invisible Finds Her Groove

No one really noticed Sofia. Sure, they knew that she was a talented artist.  Sofia the ArtistThey knew that she was a hard worker, and very kind and sweet. But really, no one noticed her. They noticed her mom, , who was the best cook on the island. They noticed her dad, the superstar doctor who had recently admitted to being half-extraterrestrial.

After revealing the truth about his past, Adriano throwa a party in honor of his brother, Zeru, who travels from a great distance to attend and meet the family.

After revealing the truth about his past, Adriano throwa a party in honor of his brother, Zeru, who travels from a great distance to attend and meet the family.

They noticed the twins, who were young and cute. They noticed outgoing Violeta and charismatic Felicity. And of course they noticed Michael. Perfect, intelligent Michael. Especially now that he was dating that green-skinned freak from the sea.


Screenshot-3337 After learning about his own alien heritage, Michael falls in love with Emmy Estrella, in spite of her unusual appearance.

Even men didn’t seem to notice Sofia. Of course, it didn’t help that she was somewhat shy and bookish. She met other men, especially in her line of work as an interior designer, but usually their conversations were professional. She did go out to parties, on occasion, but still, men seemed to get bored with her quickly.

Screenshot-3349 She began to second guess herself. Maybe there was something terribly wrong with her. Maybe she was simply ugly. Screenshot-3488 But then one day, Sofia was given the opportunity to design a new family room in the house of the Kai Kahale, the governor of Elysium Island. Right away, Sofia could feel sparks of energy between the two of them, as strong as electricity. The governor never took his dark eyes off of Sofia as she worked around his home, measuring and painting. Whenever she took a break, he was there, asking her about her interests, her hobbies, her thoughts. Bas I4 S2

Bas I4 Sofia
Governor Kai Kahale and Sofia begin a passionate secret love affair.

But he’s married, Sofia told herself. This is wrong! Stop thinking about Kai! But she could not. And since no one noticed Sofia, no one noticed wheScreenshot-3386n Sofia and Governor Kai Kahale began to grow intimate.  No one noticed when Sofia and Kai Kahale made love in secret. No one noticed – except for Kai Kahale’s daughter, Isabel. Screenshot-3392

“If you don’t stop seeing my father, I will tell my mother,” Isabel threatened Sofia, her eyes flashing like lightning.. “I will tell everyone!” And so Sofia fled, determined never to see Kai Kahale again. And she could not even tell her family why she was so heartbroken.


Isabel Kahale catches her father with Sofia and warns Sofia to stay away.


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