Chapter 21 Michael & Emmy (and Sofia)

Michael Bastida-Ray was in love, deeply in love with Emmy Estrella. The two of them became inseparable. Every day, in between classes and study sessions and time interning at the local hospital, Michael was by Emmy’s side, kissing her on the beach, holding her hand beneath the stars. The rest of the family thought it was sweet, though perhaps a little sickening, too.

Bas Michael 2 Bas Michael 1

And after the two of them finally made love, Michael was absolutely convinced that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Emmy Estrella.

Screenshot-3368 Screenshot-3371 Screenshot-3372 Screenshot-3373

“I want to marry her, Dad,” Michael told his father, after he and Emmy had been together for two years.

“You’re both still so young,” said his Adrian. “You’re only 25 years old. Maybe you should date around for a few years until you are really ready.”

Bas Michael 3 Bas Michael 4Michael was sure that Emmy was the one for him. But he decided that his dad was right about marriage. He and Emmy decided instead to move in together. They were very poor, and could only afford to rent a tiny, poorly decorated house on the other side of the island. But they did the best they could to make it their home.

Bas Michael 8

Catalina visits her brother and Emmy in their new home.

Bas Michael 13

Lily visits Michael and Emmy

Bas Michael 12

Of course, no one else knew it, but Sofia was deeply in love, too. Kai Kahale was the kindest, most wonderful man she could have ever hoped to meet. They both worked hard to keep their affair a secret – especially since exposure could devastate Kai’s career and create a tremendous scandal – even greater than the scandal caused by the Bastida-Ray family’s alien heritage. They found ways to be together on deserted beaches and in the tropical woods. Occasionally, Kai even rented a small cabin for the two of them to use in secret. Bas Michael 9 Bas Michael 10Screenshot-3474 Screenshot-3475

But they were not always careful. And sometimes, people noticed the intense, heated gaze between the two lovers. Before long, whispered rumors and gossip about Governor Kahale and Sofia Bastida-Ray began to circulate around the island. Kai Kahale caught wind of the rumors and decided that it would be best to break things off with Sofia.


“I love you, Sofia. But we can’t go on like this. You understand, right?”

Sofia was beyond heartbroken. But then, a mysterious illness struck, distracting her from her grief.


Sofia is stricken with a mysterious illness that won’t go away.


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  1. Violet says:

    Is Sofia preggo? I hope so.

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