Chapter 22 Graduation Day

Sofia paints Kai

Sad Sofia paints a brilliant portrait of her ex-lover, Governor Kahale.

“Oh no.” Sofia groaned and stared at the pregnancy test. It couldn’t be true. And yet, it was all too true. “Oh nooo!” Positive. She was carrying Governor Kai Kahale’s baby. This, on top of the breakup, was just too much. Sofia fell into such a deep depression, that she could not even make herself go to work. For the next few weeks, she did nothing but paint. She forced all of her sadness and guilt into creating beautiful works of art.

Her dad was first to notice. When he quietly confronted Sofia, she dissolved into tears and told her father everything. “Everything will turn out okay,” he told her. “Your mom and I will help you through it, I promise.”

They didn’t tell the rest of the family right away, because a very important day had arrived. Violeta and Felicity, who were now brilliant and lovely young women, were both graduating from community college.

Bas Grad (9) Bas Grad (13) Bas Grad (3)

The whole family came to the ceremony, to honor the girls’ accomplishments.

“I think a 2-year degree seems kind of pointless,” said Catalina.”

“Hush,” Lily told her, though she secretly agreed. Bas Grad (14)
“Now what?” Adriano asked his daughters. “What do you plan to do with your lives?”

“I’m going to culinary school, to become a chef,” said Violeta.

Bas Grad (10)

Felicity wasn’t as sure. After the ceremony ended, she drove up the mountainside to spend some time thinking about her future. And at last, the answer came to her – Felicity was going to become a master thief – the kind who stole expensive jewelry and paintings. Of course, she did not share these plans with her family.

Bas Grad (5) Bas Grad (6)  Later that evening, the family threw a large party in their home. Many of the most important people around the island came to celebrate – including Governor Kai Kahale. It was the first time Sofia had seen him since the breakup. She felt like crying. She felt like throwing her drink in his stupid face, and then screaming, “I’m pregnant, you idiot!” She felt like making a huge scene and ruining his career.  Bas Grad (16) Bas Grad (15)

But before she could do something foolish, her dad intervene. “May I have this dance?” He gently pulled Sofia away from Kai Kahale, and the two began to dance until Sofia was relaxed and smiling once again.

Adriano dances with his daughter and cheers her up.

Adriano dances with his daughter and cheers her up.


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