Chapter 24 Endings and Beginnings

Adriano grieves over the death of his beloved wife, Lily.

Adriano grieves over the death of his beloved wife, Lily.

Adriano was heartbroken. He sank into a deep despair, grieving for the loss of his beloved Lily. The family buried her on the beach, just behind their home. Adriano sometimes spent hours there beside her grave, weeping and holding one-sided conversations with Lily.

“I just don’t know how to go on without you,” he sobbed.

All of the Bastida-Ray children were mourning, as well.  Bas Beginnings (3)And in their grief, they drew closer together than ever, despite their differences, and despite the distance. Screenshot-3613Bas Endings (1)

They supported Sofia throughout her pregnancy with Governor Kahai’s child, and when Felicity decided to marry Richard Reed, the entire family, along with their friends and neighbors, gathered around to celebrate with the happy couple.
Bas Beginnings (12) Bas Beginnings (4)

Bas Beginnings (5)

Felicity marries Richard Reed shortly after the death of her mother.

To everyone’s astonishment, no sooner had Felicity and Richard said “I do,” than Sofia went into labor. But something was dreadfully wrong. The labor began too hard, too fast, and Sofia was screaming in pain. Something sticky, wet, and red was streaming down her legs.

Bas Beginnings (8) Bas Beginnings (9) Bas Beginnings (10) Bas Beginnings (11)

“She’s hemorrhaging!” cried Adriano. He quickly leaped into action. “We have to get her to the hospital immediately!” Rather than wait for the ambulance to arrive, he ordered Michael and several other men to help Sofia into the limousine that Felicity and Richard had hired to transport them away from the wedding. The wedding guests watched with shocked faces, wondering if Sofia and her baby were going to survive.

Miraculously, Sofia survived. The placenta had ruptured, and she lost a great deal of blood. And not only did the baby survive, but to her astonishment, she gave birth to two small but healthy babies, a girl, whom she named Belen, and a boy, whom she named Adrian. Bas Beginnings (1) Bas Beginnings (13)

Adriano hired a full-time nanny to help Sofia care for the twins while she continued to work as an interior designer. He also helped as much as possible. For him, after losing the love of his life, to hold and cuddle these two wonderful new lives brought him a sense of peace and healing that nothing else could. His story with Lily had come to an end, as all stories eventually must. But the first pages were turning for Belen and Adrian, and who knew what adventures were yet to come for them?

Adriano and his grandchildren

“May each day of your lives be filled with love, and friendship, and wonder,” Adrian whispered to his sleeping grandchildren, kissing them as they lay in their cribs. “May you find your soul mates, and lives long, happy lives together, just like your grandmother and me.”

After he spoke these words, Adriano went for a long walk along the seashore, breathing in the salty air and remembering the way his Lily used to laugh and let the waves lap at her ankles. He wondered what it was like wherever her spirit had gone. Would they meet in Heaven, or would they meet again in some other lifetime? Would they recognize each other whenever they met again? He hoped so.

Moments later, as Adriano was staring out the sea, he suffered a sudden and terrible heart attack. Death appeared, to greet him like an old friend, and take him to Lily, wherever she was waiting. And Adriano’s story, too, came to its end.

Adriano's story comes to an end

Adriano’s story comes to an end


The Story of Lily and Adriano (by Violeta Bastida-Ray)


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