Chapter 12 Marisol’s Story

“Our wills and fates do so contrary run.”
William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Marisol Milito had enjoyed her first year at Grand Rock University. Her parents had paid for her to have her own room at Hessler Hall, one of the oldest and most exclusive dorms on campus.Marisol at Uni Marisol at Uni (10)Ari Uni 2 (14)

Marisol’s parents had encouraged her to study music, as she was a very talented bassist. But Marisol decided instead to seek a degree in Fine Arts. Marisol at Uni (4)Ari Uni 2 (13)

Socially, Marisol learned quickly to fit right in. She chatted and joked with her dorm mates. She went to all the right parties (and never drank too much). Screenshot-3982Screenshot-3971Marisol at Uni (15)Marisol at Uni (13)She dated a few boys, and then became the girlfriend of Leonard Callum. Leonard was a business major, very rich, and very sexy. Marisol knew that practically any girl in her dorm would die to be his girlfriend.

Marisol at Uni (6)
Marisol becomes the girlfriend of Leonard Callum

Marisol at Uni (5) Dating Leonard

“I heard that when he kisses, you can feel it right down to your toes!” said Marisol’s friend, Gracie. Marisol thought his kisses were okay, but nothing special.  Marisol at Uni (17) Marisol at Uni (19) Marisol at Uni (16)Still, Leonard was fun and interesting, and an attentive boyfriend. Marisol wasn’t in love with him or anything, but she did decide to lose her virginity to him toward the end of the term, just to get it over with quickly. And it was over quickly – too quickly, in fact. Leonard was finished before Marisol had even gotten warmed up. What a disappointment! Marisol at Uni (21) Marisol at Uni (23)

Marisol at Uni (22)

Marisol loses her virginity to Leonard, but it is over too fast

As far as academics went, Marisol soared through most of her classes with high marks. Screenshot-3995 At the moment, however, she was struggling to keep up in her English literature class. She was so frustrated that she felt like throwing her paperback copy of Hamlet at the wall. When she spotted the bright blue flyer on the bulletin board announcing an English Lit study group, Marisol snatched the flyer, determined to go to the study group and try to make some sense of Shakespeare.

Marisol at Uni (14)

Marisol did not understand Shakespeare at all

When the door of the little white house swung open, every thought of Hamlet flew out of Marisol’s head and flew off somewhere into the dark night. Standing there before her was her old friend, Ari Paz.

“You go to school here?” they both asked at the same time, with the same incredulous expression. Then they both laughed.   Ari Uni 2 (6)

“Would you like to come in?” Ari opened the door wider, and Marisol entered. No one else arrived for the study group, which turned out to be just fine. Ari and Marisol stayed up the entire night talking and laughing and catching up. When, at last, the morning sun began to glint in Ari’s living room window, they both agreed that it was time to say goodbye. But not for long.


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