Chapter 13 – Chance Encounters

Suddenly, it seemed as though Marisol and Ari could not stop running into each other. One afternoon, as Marisol was leaving her History of Western Civilization class, there was Ari, preparing to eat his dinner on the campus lawn. Ari and Marisol  (8)

“Would you like to join me?” Ari asked. Marisol smiled and sat down. The time flew by as they ate and talked, and even played some hacky-sack. (Ari, of course, was much, much more skilled at hacky-sack than Marisol). Ari and Marisol  (9)Ari and Marisol  (10)

They ran into each other again one evening after a basketball game. “I didn’t know you were such a sports fan!” said Ari. “Did you go to any of the football games last season?”

Marisol had attended every game.  “You mean to tell me that you are on the team? Wow!” Marisol’s mouth dropped open. Chance encounter after a big game


Ari is jealous when he sees Marisol at the frat party with her boyfriend, Leonard

They met again two weeks later, at a huge fraternity party. Marisol was there with her boyfriend, Leonard. When Ari saw the two of them together, he was surprised to feel an unpleasant tug of jealousy. But why should he feel jealous? He and Marisol were just friends.  Still, when Marisol spotted him, smiled, and came rushing over to give him a hug, right in front of her boyfriend, Ari felt victorious, like he had just won some important battle. JealousyHe felt even more victorious when Marisol spent most of her time at the party with him, ignoring Leonard. They drank way too much beer together, then played the drunkest game of ping-pong ever.

Getting drunk together

Playing drunk ping-pong

Ari became aware that his feelings for Marisol were growing much stronger than friendship. But he didn’t want to rush into anything and ruin what they had, like he had ruined his past relationships. He tried to suppress his feelings, which was like trying to catch a swarm of butterflies with a net, one at a time.

Then one day, Marisol called him, her voice breathless with excitement. “Ari, there’s a great house for rent a little closer to campus,” she gushed. “It’s a little pricey, but I thought, well, if we split the cost, and maybe get one more person, we could make it work. What do you think?” The HouseAri knew that he should resist. How could he keep hiding his feelings if he and Marisol were living together? But how could he possibly say no? “Yeah, that sounds great!” he said. And a few days later, Ari moved in with his new roommates.

Ari and Marisol move into a house together.

Ari and Marisol move into a house together.


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