The Deep, Dark Secret to Ari’s Success

Screenshot-4324 Except for the part where they had hot sex every night and slept in the same bed, living with Marisol wasn’t very different than it had been at the university. They enjoyed spending time together – eating meals, going out for dates, and even the day-to-day tasks that were just a part of adult life.


Screenshot-4339 Ari and Marisol go snowboarding and ice skating during a winter date.



Doing chores together

Ari felt like a surfer, gliding through the water as the waves curled perfectly around him and Marisol.


Marisol practices the bass for her jazz band

Well…almost perfectly. Ari had a huge problem. Ever since graduation, he had been unemployed. Not Marisol. She had taken Ari’s advice and sought employment in the music industry. After one audition, a local jazz troupe had hired her as a bassist. It didn’t pay much, but still, it was the perfect career for her. Ari, on the other hand, had yet to be signed on any football teams. He couldn’t even find a job as a youth sports coach. It was humiliating.

Ari tried to stay busy at home. He did all of the cooking and cleaning while Marisol was at work.

Ari cleans the house

Screenshot-4287 Ari cleans the house

He tried his best to stay in shape. And he spent hours each day searching for employment, but it was beginning to look as though the only football play time he would get was on a computer game. Screenshot-4316 Screenshot-4370

“Don’t give up, baby,” Marisol said encouragingly. “Just keep doing what you’re doing. Something will come along.”

Winter passed in spring, and spring passed into summer, but still Ari had no offers of employment. Screenshot-4373 Then one hot summer day, he went out to a festival at the city park. After a while, he became bored and decided to try out the free tanning booth. Unfortunately, he stayed inside a little too long. When he came out, his skin was practically the color of strong coffee. Screenshot-4519

Ari gets a very deep brown tan

Ari gets a very deep brown tan

“Oh no!” Ari groaned. He looked ridiculous! He got dressed, determined to head home, but then he came across a soccer ball, which was lying abandoned in the park soccer field. Ari forgot about his bad tan and unemployment. He kicked the ball around for a while and practiced shooting goals, not at all aware of the man watching him from the side of the field. After some time, however, the man approached Ari. Screenshot-4526 Screenshot-4530

“I am a talent scout for the city minor league team, the Llamas,” the man said. “You’re pretty good with that soccer ball, and we’ve been looking for an African-American player to round out the diversity on our team. Have you played before?”

Ari started to explain that he was not black, but then decided to keep his mouth shut. The talent scout invited Ari to a private tryout session at the Apple Springs arena, and the coaches were just as impressed with Ari’s abilities. They offered him a contract, which he eagerly signed. Ari was going to play for the Llamas! Screenshot-4536 Screenshot-4537

“I am unbelievably proud of you!” said Marisol, hugging him tightly. “This is like a dream come true for both of us!”

To celebrate, they went out for drinks at one of the most expensive clubs in the city, where they drank so much that they decided to throw caution to the wind and go skinny dipping in the rooftop pool. Screenshot-4539 Screenshot-4546 Screenshot-4551


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