Chapter 18 Full Days and Empty Arms


“As merry as the day is long.”
William Shakespeare, Hamlet

The early years of marriage slid past almost smoothly for the newlyweds. Both Marisol and Ari continued to advance in their careers. Marisol’s amateur jazz troupe dissolved, but she was soon hired to play bass for a rising band, known as Silk & Wine. Ari was now a starting forward for the Llamas, and was beginning to gain a large local fan base. Early Years (9)

“I just hate how little time we have together,” Marisol admitted. And it was true. Their busy work schedules did not allow the couple much time together. Marisol did her best to attend Ari’s games, and he in turn tried to come to her shows.


Marisol attends Ari’s football games to root for her favorite player.

Every now and then, they were able to hang out and have fun together, or even go out for a rare date. Early Years (11)

Ari and Marisol go out for a date at The Hieroglyph - Ari's favorite restaurant.

Ari and Marisol go out for a date at The Hieroglyph – Ari’s favorite restaurant.

Early Years (2) Early Years (4) Early Years (5)

When they did make love, which was never often enough, it was very hot, and very satisfying. They were both very creative in the bedroom (and the living room, and the kitchen, and wherever else the mood happened to strike). Early Years (6) Hot, Steamy Sex Creative and Passionate in the Bedroom Early Years (1)

But as satisfying as their times together were, and as much as they enjoyed one another’s company, there was one big thing missing from their lives. “I really want to have a baby,” Marisol said with a sad sigh. Early Years (10)

“I know. I want children, too.” said Ari. It was something he had dreamed of for many years – a child of his own to raise in love and happiness, with a childhood very different from his own tortured youth. Many of their friends and neighbors already had children. And though Ari and Marisol had stopped using contraceptives nearly four years ago, they still had not managed to conceive a child.

Their friends gave them all sorts of advice. “There’s this great book that helped us to conceive,” said Isabelle Shores. So Marisol and Ari read it, along with other books. They tried every method they could think of, but had no success. Early Years (13) Early Years (14)

Then one day, Ari’s doctor called with sad news. “I’m afraid that you have a very low sperm count,” he said. “We can try in vitro fertilization, but it is very expensive.”

Ari and Marisol learn that they are infertile

Ari and Marisol learn that they are infertile

“We’ll try anything,” said Ari. And so the couple spent all of their savings and maxed out their credit cards for the fertility procedure. But in the end, not even in vitro fertilization could help them to conceive. Ari and Marisol were unable to have a baby of their own.


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