Chapter 19 — Jump in and Play

kittens begging

“No, we cannot get a cat!” Ari glared at Marisol. “I don’t care how cute the kittens are. No cats!”

It was not their first fight. Lately, it seemed as though they were arguing all the time. Marisol had taken the news especially hard. She now spent most of her time away from Ari, either at work or playing instruments. When they did hold conversations, they were strained and tense.

"No we cannot get a kitten!" Ari shouted.

“No we cannot get a kitten!” Ari shouted.


Ari found himself complaining about his marriage to Jessica Hawt, the gorgeous athletic trainer who had been flirting with him incessantly. Screenshot-4510 Screenshot-4585 Screenshot-4587“Maybe,” she said, trailing the tips of her fingers along Ari’s arm, “you should take a little break from her. Could be good for both of you.” She gave Ari her cell phone number and invited him to come over her house. Screenshot-4389 Screenshot-4393

He didn’t intend to take up Jessica on her offer. But after three months of the cold shoulder from Marisol and no sex whatsoever, he was going out of his mind. So one Sunday afternoon, he went out for a walk and found himself at Jessica’s house.

He found her outside, playing in the colorful fallen leaves like a little girl. “Whee!” she squealed, tossing an armful of leaves into the air. “Don’t you want to jump in and play?” Screenshot-4611 Screenshot-4612 Screenshot-4613

Ari cleared his throat. “I would love to play,” he said, “but I had something else in mind.” Screenshot-4614 Screenshot-4617

Jessica’s eyes sparkled. She led Ari up to her bedroom, and the two of them passed the rest of the afternoon being playful together. Screenshot-4619 Screenshot-4624 Screenshot-4627


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