Chapter 23: John Tyler’s Story

Hi. My name is John Tyler Paz. Yeah, I know – last time you saw me, I was just a baby, learning how to walk and talk.

Me when I was still  a baby

Me when I was still a baby

But now, I’m ten years old, and I pretty much run everywhere. John Tyler (11)  John Tyler (5)My family lives in Vineyard Hills, where there’s plenty of room for running and sports and stuff. My dad is really into sports. He plays for the Apple Springs Llamas, and he’s really great. All my friends want his autograph.

My dad is a star player for the Llamas

My dad is a star player for the Llamas

Dad keeps hoping that I’ll be into sports, like him. But the truth is, sports just isn’t my thing. I like to play chess, and read books, and go fishing. John Tyler (4) John Tyler (2) Dad just doesn’t understand. Still, he’s a great dad. He helps me with my homework and plays with me. John Tyler (9) John Tyler (8) John Tyler (6)My mom is pretty great, too, even though she’s not my biological mom.

My mom

My mom

John Tyler (13)

My biological mom

I met my real mom once. Dad took me to her house across town. She seemed really happy to see me, too. But the thing is, she didn’t seem very interested in me. She kept wanting to talk to me about her job, and her new boyfriend, and her latest trip to Europe. I mean – who wants to hear about all that? Not me. Anyway, at least now I know where my blond hair came from. John Tyler (12)

John Tyler (16)

My dad’s 40th birthday party

John Tyler (17)

My dad’s old friend showed up at his birthday party. He was super-happy to see her.

My life with Mom and Dad has been mostly pretty awesome. Of course, it would be even better if I had a brother or sister to play with. But I guess my parents can’t have kids. So it’s just the three of us – and our dog, Fred, of course. We have a lot of adventures together. But the biggest adventure of all came in the form of a birthday present to my dad. We had this huge party when my dad turned forty – everyone came to celebrate. Afterward, my mom gave my dad a huge hug and announced, “Next month, we’re traveling to Egypt. Happy Birthday!”

Mom surprises Dad with an awesome birthday present

Mom surprises Dad with an awesome birthday present

Egypt! I can’t wait!