Chapter 24: What I Did Last Summer (by John Tyler)


by John Tyler Paz

Egypt (13)If you ask me, Egypt is totally overrated. At least, that’s how I feel about the place where my family went camping over the summer.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but I did not think that we would be sleeping in dusty army-surplus tents in the middle of the desert. Without air-conditioning. Without TV. I know – crazy, right? Egpyt (2)Egpyt (3)Egpyt (1)

My parents had a blast, though. They kept saying things like, “Isn’t that rock formation beautiful?” and, “Wow…look at the size of that pyramid!” Egypt (2) Egypt (3) Egypt (1) That’s because there were about a billion rocks and pyramids in Egypt. Mom and Dad let me go inside one of the big pyramids with them. It was hot and stuffy, and pretty dark inside. I really wanted to find a mummy, but mostly I just saw statues and bugs and stuff.  Egypt (5) Egypt (6)

My dad, however, found a ton of cool things. He went exploring really deep inside the pyramid and discovered an actual treasure chest filled with gems and gold coins! How lucky is that? It’s like he’s a real archaeologist, like Indiana Jones.  Egypt (7) Egypt (8) Egypt (11) Egypt (10) Egypt (4) My parents wouldn’t let me venture so deep inside the pyramid, though, because it wasn’t safe. So instead, I went swimming in the Nile river (yes, there were actual crocodiles in the river).

Me, swimming in the Nile River

Me, swimming in the Nile River

I also got lost while hiking and ended up at this huge, weird-looking house and meeting an actual Egyptian family. I made friends with a girl named Nabilah, who promised to write me after I returned home. I still haven’t heard from her yet. Maybe one day.

A rich family's house in Egypt

A rich family’s house in Egypt

Egypt (16)

My new friend, Nabilah

Egypt (18)

Nabilah’s dad

Egypt was interesting and all, but I am not exactly in a hurry to go back. My parents, however, can’t stop talking about it. I guess the two of them had a really great time on our trip. Even without air-conditioning.

Egypt (20)

Hot desert nights

Egypt (21)

My parents watching the stars in Egypt



3 thoughts on “Chapter 24: What I Did Last Summer (by John Tyler)

  1. This SO captures some children’s points of view re: hot tourist destination vacations–well, okay, this was at least me as a child. Now I look back and shake my head at myself, but at the time, I was just not always impressed with the stuff adults were telling me to be impressed with. Solidarity, John Tyler!

    Love that Ari and Marisol got a chance to slow down and reconnect, and what a great way to do it.

    • Me too. 🙂 When I was a kid, our family went on some great road trips, but I remember complaining about the long drive, the dull scenery, the strangeness of new places, etc. Silly kids. Come on John Tyler – this is EGYPT for Pete’s sake!

  2. Hahaha–I know, and now I would sell organs to go! I remember being dragged (I felt at the time) through Washington, D.C. “Look, kids! It’s the Washington Monument!” My brother and I were like, “It’s hot . . . it’s muggy . . . where’re our toys . . . great, it’s a tall building . . . can we go home now?” I’d about forgotten that feeling, but you brought it all back, and with kids, I do think it’s typical.

    He’ll love those tombs better when he can be like his dad, another Indy. Have patience, John Tyler. Your day will come.

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