Chapter 25: A Good Move

Ari retires from the Llamas

Ari retires from the Llamas

Ari was no longer the graceful, energetic force that had led his team, the Llamas, to victory after victory. In fact, at the age of 40, he could no longer keep up with the younger players on the field.

“It’s painful to tell you this,” his coach told him at last, “but you’re no longer an asset on the field.”

Ari hung his head and heaved a great sigh. “I know. You’re right. Time to retire the jersey.”

“But listen,” his coach said. “I know of a great women’s team in Gold Valley that could use another coach. The job pays well, and it’s yours, if you’re interested.”

“Gold Valley?” Ari’s head spun. Gold Valley was a three hour’s drive away from Apple Springs! The job sounded terrific, but was it worth uprooting his family?

Marisol was very supportive. “As long as you are doing something that makes you happy, then we will all adjust,” she assured him. And so, the family packed up their belongings and made the move to the city of Gold Valley. They rented a large apartment in a high-rise building with sweeping views from the balcony. The Apartment (3) The Apartment (4) The Apartment (1) The Apartment (9) The Apartment (10)

“Oh, it’s gorgeous!” said Marisol, who had grown up in a modern high-rise building and immediately felt at home.

“But there’s no backyard!” said John Tyler, frowning. “Where are Fred and I supposed to play?” So Ari took him out to explore the neighborhood. And to John Tyler’s delight, there was a city park only a block away from their new home. The Apartment (6) The Apartment (7) The Apartment (8)

Marisol attended several auditions and was soon hired to play with a local band, The Pumpkins. The Apartment (11) The Apartment (15)

The Apartment (16)

John Tyler attends school at the W.E.B. Dubois Academy for Boys

John Tyler began to attend a local private school, and Ari began his new job, as a coach for the Gold Valley Golden Nuggets. At times, he missed being a superstar, scoring goals out on the field. But he soon learned that he rather liked telling women what to do. The Apartment (14) The Apartment (18) The Apartment (17)


2 thoughts on “Chapter 25: A Good Move

  1. Given Ari’s upbringing, it probably IS fun to have the shoe on the other foot for a change. Not to compare him to the hellbeast that ruled his childhood, but I can see him enjoying being a coach, definitely.

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