Chapter 26: Training the Golden Nuggets

Golden Nuggets (21)Ari loved being a coach. He thought that he would miss being a star player, hearing the roar of the crowd in his ears as he raced across the pitch. But the truth was, he found that being a coach was, in some ways, even better. Golden Nuggets (24)

Golden Nuggets (28)

Skills training

Golden Nuggets (2)

“You ladies are a bunch of wimps. I’m going to get you in great shape, so that you can be winners!”

The Golden Nuggets were a sorry team when he first began to work with them. The past season, they ranked second to last in the league, with only 2 wins. The players were lazy and out-of-shape, with poor technique. Ari stepped in with a no-nonsense attitude, putting the players through rigorous conditioning and skills training.

“Come on, coach!” the women often complained at first. “We got that play right ten times in a row.”

Golden Nuggets (14)

“Do it like this!” Ari demonstrates proper technique.

“Then make it twenty times!” Ari would snarl. When the players talked back or goofed off on the field, Ari would make them run a mile. Golden Nuggets (7)Golden Nuggets (3)Golden Nuggets (5)Golden Nuggets (19)Golden Nuggets (15)

“I hate Coach Ari,” he sometimes overheard the players whisper to each other as they shot dirty looks in his direction. But Ari didn’t care. They didn’t have to like him, as long as they won football matches. And win they did. When the season began, the Golden Nuggets were like a brand-new team, winning game after game. And suddenly, the city of Gold Valley caught football fever. It seemed as though everyone was wearing Golden Nuggets merchandise and filling the stands during home games, cheering on their women’s team – and Coach Ari, too. 

Golden Nuggets (1)Golden Nuggets (11)         


One thought on “Chapter 26: Training the Golden Nuggets

  1. You go, Coach Ari! Winning is like they say–if it were easy, any a-hole could do it.

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