Chapter 27: The Little Rose


Ari, Marisol, and John Tyler enjoying breakfast together on the patio

Ari didn’t know why he felt so restless. His family had been settled in the city of Gold Valley for almost two years now. His women’s football team, The Golden Nuggets, was now number two in the league and growing better all the time. His son, John Tyler, was excelling in school, and his dog, Fred, was a smart and loyal companion. Rosa (2) Rosa (4)  He was perfectly content with Marisol, who was as beautiful and loving a wife as ever. But still, he felt that something was missing.

“How would you feel about adopting a baby?” he asked Marisol one day. Rosa (1)

Marisol raised her eyebrows in surprise. “I would love to. But many childless couples have to wait for years before a baby becomes available to adopt.”

Ari frowned. “You’re right,” he said. “Well, then what if we adopt an older child. You know, out of the foster care system?” He watched Marisol’s face soften. She understood how difficult and traumatic his childhood had been with an abusive foster mother. What if people like he and Marisol had come along during those years and adopted him? What would his life have been like with a real family who cherished him?    Rosa (5)

“Of course we can adopt a child.” Marisol smiled and leaned in to kiss Ari. “Let’s call right away.”

And so, just two months later, Rosa joined the family. Rosa (7) She was a sweet, plump girl with a gingerbread smile and dark, shining eyes. Rosa (6)Rosa (8)Rosa (11) Ari and Marisol loved her from the start. And Ari knew, as he hugged his Rosa for the first time, that he now had everything he had ever wanted.


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