Chapter 34: Indiana Ari

Each member of the family enjoyed the trip to Egypt in his or her own way. Marisol enjoyed visiting museums and ruins, and, of course, playing her bass in the public square to entertain the Egyptian people. Xmas and Egypt (10)     Rosa and Arielle played games, read books, and simply enjoyed the relaxing vacation in the warm climate. Xmas and Egypt (12) John Tyler made a point of meeting Egyptian people (although occasionally, there were cultural misunderstandings). Xmas and Egypt (30)Xmas and Egypt (32)

But for Ari, traveling to Egypt meant adventure. During those two blissful weeks, he was no longer Ari Paz. Xmas and Egypt (33)He was Indiana Ari, amateur archaeologist and explorer.  Xmas and Egypt (31) While the rest of the family was shopping and sightseeing and enjoying rich African cuisine, Ari was raiding tombs, hunting for treasure, and exploring dangerous depths. Xmas and Egypt (35)

Xmas and Egypt (36)Xmas and Egypt (34)

“But we leave in three days and you and I have barely spent any alone time together,” Marisol finally complained. Xmas and Egypt (37) And so the next day, she joined him on an excursion to a large pyramid. They stayed with their tour group for a while, then slipped away to explore on their own.

“Oh look, a sarcophagus!” said Marisol, pointing. “Do you think there’s a real mummy inside?” She watched as Ari pried open the stone door. But this sarcophagus was empty inside.

Xmas and Egypt (39) Xmas and Egypt (38) “You know,” said Ari, tilting his head at Marisol, “we’re all alone in here.” He nodded toward the sarcophagus. Marisol grinned, and the two of them slipped inside the stone walls.

Xmas and Egypt (42)  Xmas and Egypt (41)Xmas and Egypt (44)Xmas and Egypt (45)

A long while later, they returned to treasure hunting. They came across another sarcophagus. But this one was not empty.

“A…a MUMMY!” Ari yelled. The mummy shuffled toward them, arms outstretched.Xmas and Egypt (48) Xmas and Egypt (49) Xmas and Egypt (47)

“Run, Marisol, run!” The two of them turned and fled the pyramid, hearts racing. They didn’t slow down until they were at least a mile away. Ari wrapped his arms around his wife. “I think that we’ll keep this little adventure to ourselves,” he said. Marisol agreed.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 34: Indiana Ari

  1. Ari with his happy-face photo icon is killing me! One of these days I need to explore WA.

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