Chapter 13: Supernatural Connection

Cord (14) Flora was not the midwife who delivered little Isolde Roble into the world. She did not see the tender look of love and wonder on Arlwyn’s face when he held his firstborn infant. Nor did she know of the supernatural connection that now linked her to the child.

Cord (17)

On the eve that Flora refused a marriage proposal from Pieter the Goat Herder, she roused him to anger.

Cord (6)Cord (7)

She escaped his fury, not knowing that at that very moment, Isolde’s mother, Lady Priscilla, was unleashing her rage on the poor, defenseless tot.

Cord (15)Cord (16)

Flora did not see the child as she grew. Cord (11) She did not notice that, as she painted, the child painted.


As Flora painted, the child painted.

Cord (12)

As she passed time with her horse, so Isolde did the same.

Cord Cord (4)

As she swayed to the melody of her violin, little Isolde swayed to the tune that tinkled from her music box. However Flora was feeling, Isolde felt. Whatever Flora happened to be doing, Isolde, from miles away, was overwhelmed by an inexplicable urge to do the same.

Cord (5) Cord (3)

Her parents dismissed her behavior as eccentricity. They had no idea about the invisible cord which connected the two, or of how much danger their daughter was in. Until one afternoon, the child’s small body could no longer handle the powerful magic which surged through it. In the middle of town, without warning, she collapsed to the ground.

Cord (2) Cord (1)


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