Chapter 1: Tammy the Party Girl

Dani California (Open link in new tab to listen while reading)

Tammy BlackTammy Black knew what people called her behind her back. But she didn’t care. Other people were just jealous, she knew.  Jealous because she was young, free, and gorgeous.

 Tammy Black (4)

Jealous because she had the power to charm any man (even the boring married ones who wouldn’t stop talking about their kids).

Tammy Black (6)Tammy Black (5)

She never stayed with any guy for very long. Tammy Black (11)Why should she, when there were so many men out there to entertain her? Why be tied down when she could have a different hot guy in her bed every weekend? Tammy Black (9)Tammy Black (10)Tammy Black (7)

But one day, the unthinkable happened. “Oh no.” She groaned, clutching her nauseous stomach.

Tammy Black (13)

“What is it?” her best friend, Rachel, looked up in alarm.

Tammy chewed her lip, counting the weeks since her last period. Then she groaned again. “I think I might be pregnant,” she said.

Tammy Black (14)

“That’s great!” said Rachel.

Tammy scowled. No, it was not great. She hated kids.  “Maybe I’m coming down with the flu.”

However, it wasn’t the flu. Her doctor soon confirmed it – she was definitely pregnant. Just her rotten luck. Tammy Black (15)

And seven months later, she gave birth to the little brat – a daughter, whom she named Camellia Black, as she had no idea who the kid’s father was.

   Tammy Black (12)


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