Chapter 2: Education the Chowdhury Way

Hamari Atariya (Chapter 2 soundtrack)

Chowdhury 1 (1)

The small, 2-bedroom house on the military base, where the Chowdhury family lives

 Education was the number one thing in the Chowdhury household.

“The more advanced your education,” Shariq often told his four children, “the farther you can go in life.”

“Then why can’t we go to school, like the other kids on base?” asked Prudeep, his oldest son.

Chowdhury 1 (9)Chowdhury 1 (7)

Chowdhury 1

Shariq at work in the research lab

Shariq shook his head. “The public schools turn out children who will become the dregs of society,” he said. “I want you children to be doctors, or engineers, or scientists like me.”

Because of his critical views, Shariq insisted that his wife, Mohana, homeschool their children. And so, each day, Mohana taught the children, sometimes around their small kitchen table, and other times, at the base tutoring center, which was often empty during the day. She was a very skilled and patient teacher, and all four children were quite advanced in their studies.

Chowdhury 1 (14)

Mohana teaches anatomy to the children

Chowdhury 1 (2)

Although Shariq worked long hours at his job, he never failed to make time to spend with his beautiful wife. The couple was still very much in love, even after 15 years of marriage. Chowdhury 1 (4) Chowdhury 1 (5) Chowdhury 1 (3)   They were also, as they discovered, still very fertile. Mohana was expecting their fifth child. Chowdhury 1 (10)Chowdhury 1 (11)

And after an uneventful pregnancy, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, who they named Akash.Chowdhury 1 (13)


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