Mors Canyon

California Dreamin (Open in New Tab to Listen While Reading)

The Bay Area was unprepared when the Great Silicon Valley Earthquake struck. Measuring 9.2 on the Richter Scale, the quake leveled buildings, bridges, and highways. It also resulted in devastating tsunamis, and fires which swept through towns and scorched hillsides. The once affluent Silicon Valley resembled a war zone. Residents and business fled the state, leaving behind the ruins.

Mors Canyon Military Base

Mors Canyon Military Base

A few years after the quake, the U.S. military opens a base and research facility in the deserted Silicon Valley town of Mors Canyon. The promise of jobs, low property values and heavy advertising begin to attract new residents to the region. The rubble of the disaster is cleared away, and new homes and businesses appear.


Mors Canyon is far from a peaceful town. A division forms between the military families, who live in base housing on the east side of town, and the incoming civilian families, who settle on the west side of town. Tensions rise as each side blames the other for the town’s high crime, pollution, and substandard schools. Screenshot-835Mors Canyon

Will Mors Canyon find a way to overcome its inner conflict and rise from the ashes of the great disaster?     Screenshot-654

Chapter 1: Tammy the Party Girl

Chapter 2: Education the Chowdhury Way

Chapter 3: Tammy’s Party Night Blues

Chapter 4: Akash the Superhero

Chapter 5: The Superheroes

Chapter 6: Brave

Chapter 7: Worry

Chapter 8: When Heroes Fall

Chapter 9: Speak to Me

Chapter 10: Speak to Me, Part 2

Chapter 11: The Black Sleep of Cami

Chapter 12: Wyatt

Chapter 13: Phone Calls

Chapter 14: The Age of Summer

Chapter 15: Nice Day for a White Wedding

Chapter 16: The Outbreak

Chapter 17: Not Ready

Chapter 18: Midnight Meeting

Chapter 19: Beneath the Soil

Chapter 20: Dr. Chowdhury Returns

Chapter 21: Tests and Cures

Chapter 22: Graduation Day Surprise

Chapter 23: The Late Bloomers

Chapter 24: The Cover-Up

Chapter 25: The Flower Shop

Chapter 26: Be My Hero


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