Chapter 3: Tammy’s Party Night Blues


Can’t Be Tamed (Chapter 3 Soundtrack)

Tammy Party Blues   Tammy could hardly concentrate on her sales. She was in the middle of a crisis. Today was Friday, and her social life was totally about to fall apart. All because she couldn’t find a babysitter for the Brat. What on earth was she going to do now? Her party was supposed to start at seven! Tammy after (4)

Having a baby had been waaaay harder than she had expected. Little Cami was cute and all, but it seemed like every time Tammy turned around, the kid had a stinky diaper, or needed to be fed, or was whining for attention. Tammy was exhausted. The only way she could get any me time was to sit Cami in front of the TV, lock her bedroom door and put in a pair of ear plugs.

Tammy after (12)

And thank goodness for day care! Tammy had figured out that, if she dropped off Cami at 6:30 each day, then she had time to relax at the coffee shop or have an early morning manicure before heading to work. Of course, that meant the kid was at day care for like, twelve hours, but whatevs, right? Not like it would kill her.

Tammy after

Tammy drops off Cami at daycare before work

“Tammy, you have a customer!” Lisa called out as the shop door swung open. Tammy perked up. It was Steve, that hot guy she’d run into at the supermarket the other day. He flirted with her, like always. But she had a feeling he would bolt the moment he found out she had a daughter. They all did. Tammy after (1) And whenever she did manage to get a guy to come over her house, the brat would start crying and totally ruin the mood.

Tammy after (8) Tammy after (9)

Well, she was not going to let her ruin the party tonight. Just before her guests arrived, Tammy put Cami into the swing to keep her quiet. Screenshot-657 Then she turned up her party night playlist (a little Nikki Minaj, some Pitbull, and a touch of Katy Perry) and let herself relax and have fun with her friends. To Tammy’s relief, the baby didn’t ruin the party. Not this time. Still, she could not wait for the kid to grow up. Tammy after (3) Tammy after (7)


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