Chapter 4: Akash the Superhero

Hero (Chapter 4 Soundtrack)

Little Ash (2)

Akash was a normal, healthy, happy baby, and everybody loved him.

Little Ash (3)Little Ash (1)But as he grew, his family could see that there was something about him that was very different from the rest of them. For starters, when he grew up, Akash did not want to become a doctor or an engineer or a scientist like his dad. A part of him wanted to become a chef.

Akash loves to bake in his toy oven

Akash loves to bake in his toy oven

But mostly, he wanted to become a super-hero.

Little Ash (4)

“That’s crazy,” said his family. “You can’t be a real-life superhero. You have to study hard and get a real career when you grow up.”

Little Ash (5) Little Ash (6)

But Akash hated to study. He tried and tried, but he was just wasn’t any good at schoolwork. When he attempted to read, the words seemed to swim around on the page. His mother, who was usually a very patient teacher, grew very impatient at Akash’s lack of ability to learn. Eventually, she would shrug her shoulders and turn her attention to the older children. Then Akash would happily run outside to ride his bike and play. Little Akash Little Ash (13)

He spent hours exploring the town. He climbed the lifeless brown hills and had make-believe adventures in the old, abandoned playground near his home. Little Ash (14)Little Ash (15) He tried to share his adventures with his family, but no one seemed to think it was important that he had saved the world from the brink of nuclear disaster.

“That’s cute, Akash,” everyone would say, usually in a patronizing tone of voice. No one understood.

Until one night, while at the public library, Akash met a girl named Camellia Black, who told him to call her Super-Cami.

Little Ash (10) Little Ash (11)

“When I grow up,” said Super-Cami, who had this animated way of talking with her hands waving all over the place. “I’m going to make trees and flowers grow all over the place. And I’m going to save the world. Want to help me?”

Little Ash (9)

Akash grinned. “Sure,” he said. “Just call me Super-Ash.”


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