Chapter 5: The Superheroes

Save Me (Chapter 5 Soundtrack)

The Superheroes (5)

Before she made friends with Ash Chowdhury, Cami spent a great deal of time by herself. The Superheroes (4)

She played make-believe adventures alone, completed her homework alone, even ordered her own pizzas and ate alone.   The Superheroes (3) The Superheroes (1) The Superheroes (13)
Her mother was almost never at home. When she wasn’t at work, she was off to a party, or on a date, or to get mani-pedis with her friends. “You know, Cami, you’re never too young to start paying attention to your appearance,” was pretty much the only advice Cami’s mom seemed to give her. Nothing about school. Nothing about friends, or sports, or being a good citizen. All that her mom was concerned about was that Cami have shiny hair and trendy clothes to wear.

The Superheroes (8)
“I don’t care about any of that,” Cami would say, rolling her eyes. “What about pollution? What about cleaning up this ugly town? What about planting trees and flowers and stuff?” But her mother didn’t care to listen about anything important like that.

The Superheroes (7)
Well, Cami had a plan. She was going to become the greatest superhero ever, and make Mors Canyon into a beautiful city where everybody would want to live, and no one would ever feel lonely.
“If we’re going to be superheroes,” said Ash, who was almost always practical. “then we’ll need super powers. My powers are super strength and super speed.” To prove it, he raced around the park at top speed, then returned, panting, a wide grin on his face.

If we're going to be superheroes, then we have to have super powers"

If we’re going to be superheroes, then we have to have super powers”

Cami thought for a minute. “I know!” she said, her eyes shining with excitement. “My super power is the ability to make everything grow, and to bring dead things to life.”
Ash shuddered. “Even people? Freaky.”
Cami laughed. “Who knows? Maybe even people. Let’s go find out!” They both hopped on their bikes and rode out to the Mors Canyon graveyard. At first, they were both disappointed by how – well, peaceful the graveyard seemed. But as the sun set, and the darkness crept in, filling the graveyard with shadows, Cami was filled with a delicious sense of spookiness.

The Superheroes (10)
“I-I don’t like this,” Ash whispered, his eyes darting around as though any minute, a zombie would burst forth from the earth. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”
“Wait,” said Cami. She led them over to an ancient-looking stone tomb.

The Superheroes (11)

“I wonder why this didn’t fall down during the earthquake?” she asked. “That’s so w—” Her words were suddenly interrupted by loud rustling in the tall grass beside the tomb. “It’s a zombie! Run!” Cami shrieked and raced for the cemetery gates.
“It’s not a zombie. Look – it’s only a cat,” said Ash. But by then, Cami had already gone, without raising a single person from the dead. The Superheroes (9)


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