Chapter 9: Speak to Me

Someone to Save You (Chapter 9 Soundtrack)
Screenshot-48After the funeral, Ash and his sisters moved in with their Aunt Priya and Uncle Deepak. They were kind and patient, giving Ash the space he needed to grieve, and waiting before enrolling him in school. As the months passed, Ash’s sisters had begun to adjust to their new lives. Ash, however, had drawn deep inside himself. He refused to speak a word to anyone – not even to Cami, though she stopped by their home often.Screenshot-59Screenshot-56

“Please Ash. Don’t shut me out,” she pleaded day after day. “Just talk to me. Please.” But Ash remained silent. Cami did not give up. Ash had recently become obsessed with tinkering with the science lab his uncle had built out in the shed. Cami often sat quietly across the room, watching him and waiting for the day when he would come around.Screenshot-35Screenshot-39

And then, late one afternoon, Cami ran out of patience. She followed Ash out the shed and grabbed his arm. “Look at me!” Her voice shook with emotion. “Stop ignoring me, damn it! Look at me!”


Ash blinked. Cami’s eyes burned bright with anger and fear and something else he didn’t recognize. It had begun to rain very hard, and the water ran down her face and skin. And she was yelling at him, begging him to say something, and all he could think was how full of life she was, like a blooming flower.


“Cami, I…” his voice felt thick in his throat.

Cami gasped. Her eyes widened in surprise. “What?”

Ash didn’t know what he wanted to say. All he knew was that for all these months, he had been in darkness and silence and dust, and the life in her was like a burst of color and sound and taste. He wanted to absorb that life. He wanted to feel alive with her.


He grabbed Cami’s hand and led her to his bedroom. His body moved without thought, grabbing Cami’s waist and pulling her close, kissing her lips, stroking her drenched hair.

Screenshot-34 (2) Screenshot-30

“I love you,” he whispered between kisses. “I love you, Cami.” She kissed him back, full and passionate, and did not resist when he began to tug at her clothes. Screenshot-48 (2)

For the next hour, there was no grief. There was no sadness or hurt – only his body and Cami’s, her breath mixing with his breath, and pleasure like neither one had ever experienced. Afterward, they lay holding one another for the longest time, lost in what seemed like a beautiful, perfect dream.

Screenshot-50 (2)Screenshot-52 (2)



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