Chapter 11: The Black Sleep of Cami

Bring Me To Life (Chapter 11 Soundtrack)
CamiCami had once seen this old movie where the people were forced to drink a cup of cursed blood, which made them fall into a nightmare state – one from which they could not wake up. At the time, it had seemed impossible. But now she understood.

Breaking up with Ash was the hardest thing she had ever done. It had hurt so badly that she had cried for days. And then, just when the pain of the breakup had begun to subside a little, her mother announced that her boyfriend, Trevor, and his teenaged son, Wyatt, were moving in.


Tammy Black’s new boyfriend, Trevor, and his son, Wyatt, were moving in.

“Moving in?” Cami pressed her hands to her face and stared at her mom in disbelief. “Please, please tell me you’re kidding.” But it was no joke. Trevor and Wyatt moved in the next day, and Cami’s nightmare intensified. Life with just Cami and her mom had been so calm. But everything about Trevor and Wyatt was hard-core. The house shook with the beats of gangsta rap music and loud laughter and the constant yipping of their annoying little chihuahua, Eminem.

Cami and the stepfamily (3)

Cami could not escape the chaos. Her bedroom was no longer her own, as she was forced to share with Wyatt. And everywhere she went, she felt the wandering gaze of her mother’s boyfriend, which seriously creeped her out.

Cami and the stepfamily (8) Cami and the stepfamily (17)She wished she could wake up from the nightmare which was now her life. But no amount of pinching could make it all go away. Nothing could make Ash come back. Nothing could make Wyatt and Trevor disappear. Nothing could make life go back to the way it used to be. Cami knew this. She tried to be strong, but the weight of all of these changes was taking their toll. She was so exhausted after school each day, that she would sit down to complete her homework and end up falling asleep on the sofa. The stress even robbed her of her appetite. If she so much as thought about eating, her stomach would churn in protest, and if she forced herself to eat anyway, she would only throw it up.

Cami and the stepfamily (20)

The constant stress was making Cami sick.

Cami and the stepfamily (21)

Less than three months after breaking up with Ash, Cami knew. It was not stress that had robbed her of her energy. It was not stress that had been making her so sick. It was something else – something unthinkable. She had to tell Ash, she knew, though the thought terrified her. Her nervous fingers dialed the wrong number twice before at last Ash’s phone rang.

Cami (35)

“Hello?” Cami closed her eyes and drank in the warm, familiar sound of Ash’s voice. “Hello?” he said again.

“Hi,” said Cami.

Ash didn’t say anything for a long time. When at last he spoke, his voice sounded wary, and almost angry. “Why did you call me, Cami?”

Cami took a deep breath. Because I’m pregnant. Because I’m going to have your baby, she thought. But she couldn’t push the words out. “Because I…because I just wanted to…see if you’re okay,” she said.

Ash paused again. “I’m fine,” he said. “Really great, okay? So you don’t have to worry about me.”

Cami (36)

“Yeah. Okay,” said Cami. “I’m glad you’re doing well.” She hung up, then wrapped her arms around her middle and stared up at the stars, wondering when this long night would end so that she could at last wake up.



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