Chapter 14: The Age of Summer

There Goes My Life (Chapter 14 Soundtrack)
Big Events (4)  Cami clenched and unclenched her hands, steeling herself for what she had to tell her mom. She wished there was some way to keep hiding, but she couldn’t – not anymore. Not when she and Wyatt were planning to get married.

“Mom,” said Cami.

Cami’s mom gave Cami a vague smile. “What do you think about ordering a pizza for dinner tonight? It has been such a crazy day, and…” She kept talking, not seeming to notice the anxious look on Cami’s face.

“Mom,” Cami said again. Still, her mother continued to prattle on. “Mom – look at me!” Cami’s voice came out in such a shrill and forceful way, that her mom at last turned to look at her, open-mouthed. “Look at me,” Cami said again. She placed her hands on her rounded tummy, feeling the baby kick from inside.

Cami’s mom just stared and stared, her expression changing from surprise to shock to anger. “You stupid, stupid girl,” she said, shaking her head. “What have you done?”

Cami felt tears bubbling to the surface. “I’m due next month,” she said.

“You’re due next month!” Her mom raised her voice. “Due next month? You’re only sixteen years old! You’ve completely ruined your life! You should have told me months ago, so we could…take care of the problem.”

Big Events (5)

“You’re only sixteen years old! You’ve completely ruined your life!”

Cami’s shoulders shook with sobs. “I didn’t want that!”

“I can’t believe you did this to me. I can’t believe it! What are we supposed to do with a baby?”

“Wyatt said he’ll marry me.”

“Wyatt? Wyatt’s the father?” Cami shook her head, but her mom had already changed course. It was like the idea of marrying Cami off to Wyatt suddenly made the baby problem all better. “Well thank goodness he’s going to stick around to take care of you.” She began to pace around, gushing wedding ideas, while Cami stood holding her belly in the middle of the living room.

Big Events (3)

Her labor pains began a week before her due date. The pains grew so intense, that Cami was frightened. Big Events (9)

The only one home was Trevor, and she did not want to ask him to take her to the hospital. In desperation, she dialed Ash’s number, but there was no answer. At last, she took a taxi to the hospital, where she labored alone, and with only the support of the doctor and the nurses, Cami gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Big Events (2) Big Events (1)

The next day, Dr. Mack came to visit Cami before she was released from the hospital. “Is someone coming to pick you two up?” he asked.

“I left a message for my mom and my boyfriend,” said Cami. “Hopefully someone will be here soon.”

“It’s a lot of work raising a baby,” said Dr. Mack, with a warm look of concern. “I hope you have some support, Cami.”

“Yeah. Well, I mean…my boyfriend, Wyatt offered to marry me.”

Big Events (11)

“Marriage?” Dr. Mack looked taken aback. “Are you sure you’re ready for such a big commitment?”

Big Events (13)

Big Events (12)

Cami shrugged. “I think so.” Her voice came out as a whisper. “I mean, he’s really kind. And I think he’ll take good care of her.” She looked down toward the baby, who slept peacefully in her arms. The tiny, innocent baby girl, whose clear blue eyes reminded Cami of those long past summer days, running through the park with Ash, and lying in the grass, giggling, watching clouds drift across the sky.

“Does she have a name yet?” asked the doctor.

“Summer,” said Cami. “Her name is Summer Skye Chowdhury.”


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