Chapter 19: Beneath the Soil

Irreplaceable — Beyonce (Chapter 19 Soundtrack)
Growing   As her seeds took root beneath the soil, a new sense of courage took root in Cami. In defiance of her husband, she signed up for GED classes. She studied whenever she found time – even right in front of Wyatt, who didn’t seem to notice at first. But when he finally realized what she was up to, he lost his temper. Growing (31)

But this time, Cami was ready. “You have no right to keep me from finishing my education,” she told him.

Wyatt sneered. “As long as you’re my wife, you’re gonna do what I say!”

“Then I’m not your wife anymore,” said Cami in a low, firm voice.

Growing (4)


“You heard me. We’re over.” Her words hung in the air for a moment, then dropped like a bomb, hitting their target. Wyatt’s face reddened. He whirled away from her, balled his fist, and sank a punch into the wall, leaving behind a gaping hole. Then he stalked into the bedroom to pack his things. And just like that, he was gone. Growing (2)

Cami filed to have their brief marriage annuled. And from then on, she and Summer were their own little family. As Summer grew into a happy, giggly toddler, the two played together, hung out in the garden together, and took trips to the park together. And except for missing Akash, sometimes so fiercely that she could hardly breathe, Cami could not have felt happier.

Growing (24) Growing (23) Growing (18) Growing (13)

Though Cami’s mom was often too busy with Trevor and with her own life to visit, Dr. Mack stopped by from time to time. He listened to Cami’s problems and offered fatherly advice. He helped her to register for college classes and find a part-time job at a florist shop. And whenever she couldn’t find a babysitter for Summer, he happily stepped in to watch her.

Growing (6) Growing (7) Growing (9) Screenshot-10

Life took on its own crazy, busy pace. But now matter how hectic the schedule, Cami always made time for Summer, and time to nurture the garden. And as the years slipped away, her little garden grew and blossomed, spilling over with fresh vegetables and colorful flowers. And her daughter grew and blossomed into a healthy, happy little girl with a sweet smile and an imagination as wide and limitless as the summer sky. Growing (34) Growing (10)


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