Chapter 20: Dr. Chowdhury Returns

Just What the Doctor Ordered — Ted Nugent
h return  When Ash returned to Mors Canyon, he had a Ph.D, a medical degree, and a fire burning inside him. Mors Canyon was in trouble. News of the strange disease and resulting deaths had spread across the country. Although the CDC had decided that the disease was not airborne, visitors to the city were issued warnings that their health may be at risk. Many citizens packed up and fled, including the rest of Ash’s family.

“There was less risk of disease when we lived in India,” Ash’s uncle had explained before leaving him the house.

Ash began work immediately. Though his work was focused on researching the origins of the illness, he worked closely with Dr. Mack and his team, who had been treating the patients who suffered from the unusual symptoms.

Ash Returns (2)Ash Returns (1)

Dr. Mack was not easy to work for. The stress of dealing with the quarantined patients and lack of solutions was taking its toll on the once amicable young doctor. He often snapped at his staff, and when Ash presented some new ideas for treatment, Dr. Mack quickly shot him down.

“You think you can suddenly waltz in here, fresh out of med school, and cure an illness I’ve been studying since you were a kid?” Dr. Mack gave a dismissive wave. “Until we know what’s causing the symptoms, no treatment is going to help these patients.”

Ash Returns (3)

Ash Returns (4) “What makes you think you can waltz in here, fresh out of med school, and cure an illness I’ve been studying since you were a kid?”

Frustrated and overwhelmed, Ash headed for the bar after work. He had planned to quietly enjoy a drink or two, but then he ran into a woman who seemed vaguely familiar.

“It’s me, Renata,” she said, smiling. “We used to be neighbors, remember?”

Ash Returns (6)

“Oh, yes, I remember now.” Ash returned her smile. Then, feeling impulsive, he added, “Can I buy you a drink?” Renata’s smile grew even wider. That was the beginning of the wildest evening of Ash’s life.

Ash Returns (7)Ash Returns (11)Ash Returns (8)Ash Returns (10)Ash Returns (9)

After a few drinks and dances with Renata and a spin on the wild bull, Ash and his date headed to his house. And for the next few hours, he did not think once about his work.   Ash Returns (12) h return (1) Ash Returns (5)


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