Chapter 25: The Flower Shop

Believe it or Not — The Greatest American Hero Theme Song (Chapter 25 Soundtrack)
Better World (4)  The city of Mors Canyon was changing. After Akash discovered the reason behind the mystery illness that had sickened so many people, including his parents, the city had risen up to fight the government. The citizens filed a lawsuit against the military for the toxic leak, and for covering it up. They won, of course, and the military was forced to pay millions of dollars in medical expenses and environmental cleanup.

Akash and Dr. Mack became instantly renowned. They spent several months traveling all over the country together, giving seminars and answering questions about their part in solving such a perplexing medical mystery. They were even featured in a medical mysteries documentary on Discovery Health Channel.

Better World (6)Better World (5)Better World (3)

When he returned to Mors Canyon, the first thing he wanted to do was see his daughter. “We’re at my new flower shop,” Cami explained. “We’d love to have you stop by for a visit.” Ash followed the address to a small, quaint brick shop in Cami and Summer’s neighborhood. Bright, cheerful displays of flowers lined the walls and spilled from flowerpots. Ash felt a fluttering of pride as he wandered around, taking it all in while Cami busied herself with customers. Better World (9) Better World (1) Better World (2)

“Cami!” a familiar voice rang out across the shop. Ash turned to see Tammy Black, Cami’s mother, stride across the room.

“Hi Mom,” Cami kissed her mother’s cheek. “When did you and Trevor get back from Florida?”

Tammy waved a hand dismissively. “Oh, well, Trevor and I aren’t together anymore. I met Justin in Florida and he came back with me.”

“Justin is it?” Cami raised an eyebrow, amused.

Better World (7) Better World (10)

Just then, Summer came skipping up. “Grandma!” she cried.

Tammy clicked her tongue. “Now you know what we talked about. You mustn’t call me Grandma, because it makes me feel old.”

“Okay, Grandma.”

Better World (11) Better World (14)

Ash decided that it was time to approach Cami. “Hi,” he said.

Cami smiled. “Hi yourself.” Her eyes twinkled with light like stars, and for a brief moment, Ash forgot what he had been planning to say.

“Hi,” he said again, his face growing hot. “Um…I love your shop. Looks great.”

“Thanks. It was my little attempt at saving the world, I guess you could say.” She shrugged.

“It’s working,” said Ash, thinking of the sudden increase in lush landscaping and flowers around the city. It was as though the whole city had gone green all at once, planting trees and removing the wreckage and eyesores that had plagued the town since the earthquake. Better World (13)

“Hey listen,” said Cami, “later this afternoon, we’re having a community barbecue at the garden. I’m planning to do some gardening demonstrations, and lots of people are coming. I’d love – Summer and I would love it if you could come too.”

“This afternoon? Well—”

Before Ash could answer, Summer bounded across the room. “Please, Daddy, come to the barbecue,” she begged. “Please please please – it’ll be so super fun!”

Ash couldn’t help but grin. “Super fun, huh? Then I guess I’ll have to come. We superheroes have to have super fun together.”

Better World (12)

“Yay!” Summer grabbed Ash’s hand and twirled around, her eyes shining with excitement. Ash looked from her to Cami, and suddenly felt like the three of them were pieces of the same jigsaw puzzle. And that he, the renowned Dr. Ash Chowdhury, was not complete without the two of them.



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