Chapter 1: Ivy The Farm Girl

Spring Allergies (2) Ivy Georgia Malik was a typical sixteen year-old girl in all but two ways. The first thing was, she hated warm weather. Warm, sunny weather meant helping outdoors on the small farm where she lived with her family. Just like her parents younger sister, she was expected to care for the horses, feed the chickens, and gather eggs. But there was just one problem. Ivy was allergic to everything with fur or feathers. Spring Allergies (3)

“Honestly Ivy Georgia,” said her mom, who always called her by her full name. “Sometimes I wonder how you can be my daughter.”

Ivy sneezed in response and rubbed her red, sore eyes. “Can I go inside now?”

Spring Allergies (1)

Luckily for Ivy, her family lived in the small, northern community of Hiver Park, where the sun only appeared for about two months of the year. The rest of the time, the weather was cold and snowy. This suited Ivy just fine. She spent many hours of the cold winter days locked inside her bedroom, eyes glued on the computer screen. Spring Allergies (6)Spring Allergies (5) Spring Allergies (4)

“What do you spend all your time doing on that computer of yours?” asked her dad.

“Nothing, Dad.” Ivy made her eyes wide and pasted on her most angelic smile. “Just like, Facebook and Instagram and stuff. Keeping up on my friends.” This was true. But only about ten percent of the time. What her parents did not know – what no one knew – was that Ivy had a very important and very secret job.

Spring Allergies (7)

Although she was not like normal teenage girls, Ivy Georgia Malik went to high school every day.

“Just do your best to act like an ordinary high school student,” her boss had instructed. And so every day, Ivy went to high school and tried to pretend that she was not a genius. She dumbed down her papers and purposely made errors in order to keep her grades high, but not extraordinary. She made friends and passed notes in class and gossiped about the latest drama between her classmates. Spring Allergies (8)SP (50)

But after school, Ivy went to work She received secret messages and carried out orders. She peered through windows, delivered packages, and hacked into secret databases. Spring Allergies (12) Spring Allergies (9) Spring Allergies (13) Spring Allergies (11)It was probably the most thrilling after-school job that a teen girl could hope to get – far better than flipping hamburgers or bagging groceries. It was dangerous, she knew. But she was always very careful. And anyway, who would suspect a typical sixteen year-old farm girl of espionage? Spring Allergies (10)


3 thoughts on “Chapter 1: Ivy The Farm Girl

  1. Nirvana says:

    Nice Story…can’t wait for the next chapter. I love the images 🙂

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