The Secrets of Hiver Park

Hiver Park Secrets (4)Way up north, where the residents rarely feel the warmth of the sun’s rays, lies the small suburban town of Hiver Park. On the outside, the residents of Hiver Park seem so friendly and normal, that the community won the award for “Most Typical Northern Suburb” four years in a row. Hiver Park Secrets (3)

Hiver Park Secrets (2)

Hiver Park Secrets (1)

But behind closed doors, the citizens of Hiver Park live with their own dark secrets…

Chapter 1: Ivy The Farm Girl

Chapter 2: The Loser

Chapter 3: Virginia the Superstar

Chapter 4: Grayson the Player

Chapter 5: Adao’s Big Plans

Chapter 6: Long Live the Queen

Chapter 7: Ivy’s Mission

Chapter 8: Screw-Ups and Snow Angels

Chapter 9: Grad Work

Chapter 10: Who Needs a DeLorean?

Chapter 11: Users are Losers

Chapter 12: Grayson Tanaka’s “Perfect” Life

Chapter 13: Newer is Not Always Better

Chapter 14: Spy vs. Spy

Chapter 15: Adao and Miffy

Chapter 16: Flight From Crazyland

Chapter 17: Nothing But Bots

Chapter 18: The Wisdom of the S.I.M.

Chapter 19: Return to the Future

Chapter 20: The Groovy End

The Secrets of Hiver Park: The Music Video


4 thoughts on “The Secrets of Hiver Park

  1. Lila Remonn says:

    Ooh! This sounds dramatic! I like drama! Drama is my middle name! No it’s not. I just act like an immature drama queen. Lemme fix that up, a drama peasant. Better. Excited to start reading! 🙂

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