Chapter 14: Spy vs. Spy

Tracking down the future Adao turned out to be far more complicated than Ivy and Adao had thought. They pored through electronic books and directories in Grayson’s extensive library, but they were unable to find any information about Adao Rocha-Morinho from within the last fifteen years. 1SpyvSpy (5)

“It’s like I’ve dropped off the face of the planet,” said Adao, shaking his head. “I don’t understand why I would just disappear after inventing such cool robots.”

Ivy, however, managed to find a possible address for her future self. “I know it’s dangerous,” she said. “But I just have to see. I have to know what kind of person I’ve become.”

1SpyvSpy (7)

Adao pressed his lips together. “I get it,” he said. “But be careful, Ivy. We still don’t know what kinds of consequences there may be from interacting with our future selves.” He stayed behind at the library while Ivy set off to track down her future self. The address led her to a sleek, ultramodern house, which was nowhere as huge and elaborate as Grayson’s, but still impressive. It was exactly the kind of home that Ivy would have chosen for herself. 1SpyvSpy (1)1SpyvSpy (4)

Ivy walked around the house, peering through windows and trying to get an idea of what she was like in the future. She even rummaged through her trash can, hoping to find clues. All she managed to find was a dozen empty iced tea bottles and a couple pieces of mail from the nearby university. 1SpyvSpy (3)1SpyvSpy (2)

Well, that was a start. Ivy left her future home and made her way to the university. It was kind of silly, she knew, to try to find herself on a huge campus full of people. Was she a student there? A professor? She wandered around, discretely scanning the faces of every passerby who remotely resembled her.  1SpyvSpy

And then, out of the blue, something hit her hard between the shoulder blades. “Oof!” She whirled around, crouching into a defensive stance, and found herself face to face with…herself. 1SpyvSpy (11)

“Who are you?” growled the future Ivy, her blue eyes blazing. Wait…what? Blue eyes? Ivy was so stunned that she forgot to protect herself as Future Ivy’s boot shot out and kicked her in the face. “Who sent you?” 1SpyvSpy (8)

Ivy fought back instinctively, hitting her future self with a few well-placed punches. “I’m you, you idiot!” she said.

“Who cloned me? I demand that you tell me!” Future Ivy’s next blow hit Ivy in the chest, knocking the wind from her lungs. 1SpyvSpy (12) 1SpyvSpy (9)

“Stop!” Ivy gasped. “Stop, you have to…believe me! I’m Ivy Georgia Malik. From 2015.” Bam! Future Ivy kicked her again, and Ivy fell to her knees. “I came here in Adao’s time machine. Stop!”

Future Ivy stopped pounding her. Her weird blue eyes widened. “Adao? Adao sent you here?” 1SpyvSpy (13)

“Yes,” Ivy rode to her feet, still clutching her chest. “Please, just listen.” Future Ivy waited, still poised to fight. But as Ivy explained the situation, Future Ivy relaxed. “So you see, we have to find the other Adao,” said Ivy. “If you are really me, then you already know how we can find him.”

Future Ivy nodded. “I am one of the only people who knows where he lives,” she said. “He’s become somewhat of a recluse.” She passed along the information that Ivy was looking for.

“Wait,” said Ivy. “Can I just ask – what’s up with my eyes? I mean, your eyes? ‘Cause, you know, they used to be dark brown and all.”

Future Ivy smiled. “In the future,” she said, “you can get cosmo to look pretty much however you want to look. Changing brown eyes to blue isn’t much different from getting a tattoo or a nose job.”

1SpyvSpy (10)

Ivy shuddered. She made a mental note to avoid future cosmetic surgeries of all kinds. “See you when I’m you,” she said.

Future Ivy nodded. “Good luck. Hope you make it home.”






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