Chapter 15: Adao and Miffy

When Adao first glimpsed his future home, he cheered. “Yes!” he said, pumping his fist in the air. “I’m rich!” He hadn’t admitted it, but seeing his friend Grayson’s success had filled him with envy. All his life, Adao had lived in a cramped house filled with people and shabby, hand-me-down furniture. It hadn’t been horrible, but he had dreamed of something greater in his future. And here it was – a huge modular house, walls of glass and concrete, and perfectly sculpted landscaping. The home of his dreams. Future Adao

“I don’t think you’re home,” said Ivy as they stared up at the darkened windows. They wandered around the building, surprised by the lack of security gates.

“Cool – I have a hot tub!” said Adao. “Come on! Let’s try it out.”

Ivy looked doubtful as she watched him peel off his clothes and climb in. “I don’t know, Adao. Even if the future you lives here, it’s still private property.”

Adao shrugged, then leaned back in the hot tub and closed his eyes. “Since when has that stopped you?” he asked. He had been watching Ivy closely while they had been stuck together in the future, and had noticed many unusual things – like the way she seemed to know how to manipulate electronic devices as well as he did, and the way she watched people and monitored their surroundings. He had overheard her asking a stranger for directions in another language, which he was pretty sure was Farsi. And earlier that day, he had been hiding behind a building on the university campus, and had seen Ivy combatting with her future self. That was what had finally convinced him. Ivy Malik was a spy.

He said nothing, though. What if it was dangerous for him to mention it? What if she had been ordered to kill people who were potential threats to her cover? Adao had read enough secret agent comic books to know the risks. Future Adao (3)Future Adao (2)

Ivy stripped down to her swimsuit and joined him in the Jacuzzi. Soon, the two of them were so relaxed that they did not notice the future Adao approach. “Hello there, me,” the future Adao spoke. Ivy let out a shriek, then climbed out of the hot tub and began to yank on her clothes. Adao followed.

Future Adao (1)Future Adao (6)

“I wondered when you would finally track me down,” said the future Adao, who did not seem at all surprised to find Adao and Ivy on his property. “Of course, I knew that you were here the moment you activated the alarm on my infrared fence,” he said, gesturing.

Infrared! That explained why there were no security fences around the property. Adao grinned. “And let me guess – you had remote access to security cameras on your property.”

“Right here on my watch,” said Future Adao, holding it up for Adao to see. “And I was pretty impressed to see you in the Jacuzzi with Ivy Malik,” he said, letting out a whistle. “I always thought she was pretty hot.”  Future Adao (5)

“Um, I’m standing right here,” said Ivy, her voiced edged with irritation.

Future Adao waved his hand. “Oh relax,” he said. “Hey Miffy – could you offer our guest a shoulder rub?” he called out to a shiny magenta and gold robot.

“Of course, dear,” said the robot in a smooth female voice. It walked over to a very surprised Ivy and began to massage her shoulders.

Future Adao (4)

“Adao, Ivy, I’d like for you both to meet Miffy,” said Future Adao, leading everyone inside his house. “She’s the newest generation of MIFs – Matrimonial Fembots. We have been together for three happy years now.”

Adao nearly choked. “Together? You mean – together together?”

“That’s right.” Future Adao leaned forward and gave Miffy a kiss. “Miffy has been programmed to do everything a human wife can do. And she is the love of my life.” Future Adao (8)Future Adao (7)

Adao exchanged shocked looks with Ivy. A robotic wife? “Well,” he said, his voice weak. “That’s um…neat.”

Future Adao smiled. “You two must be starved. Come on you two! I’ll replicate you some pumpkin pie. Do you guys like pumpkin pie?” He began to whistle as he led them to the kitchen. Future Adao (9)

As they followed nervously behind, Ivy leaned over and whispered in Adao’s ear, “I say we find out how to repair the time machine and get out of here quickly!”

Adao nodded. The future him was completely insane.


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