Chapter 16: Flight From Crazyland

Crazyland (9)It took about an hour for Ivy to decide that Future Adao’s house was Crazyland. Unfortunately, she and normal Adao were stuck in Crazyland until Adao the Robot King told them how to fix the damned time machine.

She and Adao tried asking several times. “So, how do we f—”

“Have I introduced you two to the rest of the family?” Future Adao cut in. Then, instead of giving them repair instructions, Ivy and Adao had to meet the other four robots who lived there in Crazyland. “This is C3PO. Get it? Haha…he does the cleaning. Then the one with the ponytail is Luka. She’s the baby of the family. Isn’t she so cute?” Crazyland (3)Crazyland (2)

Then he would get distracted with robot repairs or robotics research, and would refuse to say anything at all to his human guests.

“We have got to get out of here,” said Ivy.

Normal Adao agreed. Then he came up with a brilliant suggestion. “Forget about Future me. Let’s ask the robots for instructions!” And so, later that evening, after Future Adao headed out somewhere on his HoverCycle™, Ivy and Adao approached a couple of the robots and asked them if they happened to know how the time machine could be repaired. Crazyland (8) Crazyland (10)

“Of course,” said Miffy.

“Certainly,” said C3PO. The two robots happily(?) shared the instructions, complete with images and GPS directions. And the moment the sun rose the next morning, Ivy and Adao fled Crazyland, headed toward the Hiver River, which ran along the edge of town.

That is, the Hiver River which used to run along the edge of town. But, just like the winter snows, the Hiver River had completely dried up, leaving behind a vast wasteland of dirt and rock.

Adao slumped onto a wooden bench, his face pale. Ivy joined him. She felt sick to her stomach to see what their town had become in the future. What they had become in the future. “I want to go him,” said Adao, moaning. “I want to fix this. There must be some way to change our fate.”

“Maybe,” said Ivy. “Or maybe fate is fate. And no matter what choices we make in the past, we will always end up with the same future outcome.” Crazyland (4) Crazyland (5)

“Well, we have to at least try, right?” Adao jumped to his feet. After a quick glance at his GPS, he began to run across the dried out riverbed, headed for the spot that the robots had told them about. And suddenly, there it was. The abandoned underground shelter, which future Adao had once used as a secret laboratory. Where he had abandoned the time machine experiments due to government interference. (Ivy felt a twinge of guilt). Crazyland (15) Crazyland (14)

“The tool must be somewhere in this rubbish,” said Adao, digging through the piles of rusty junk that littered the ground around the old lab. “What was it called again? Cyca…what” Crazyland (11)

“Cychamo,” said Ivy. She scanned around the dirt, noticing that, among the trash piles, strange flowers grew here and there. Strange, because although they looked like organic flowers, they appeared to blink like they were covered with tiny LED lights. Ivy gasped. “Cychamo,” she repeated. “Cy-chamomile. Adao…we have to use the plants!” They both stared at the flowers, fascinated by the bizarre blend of plant and robotics. Crazyland (13)Crazyland (12)

“Wow,” said Adao. “Future me may be nuts, but he’s also a genius. The circuitry running through the stems of these flowers is just what we need to fix the machine.” They carefully gathered up what they needed, then headed back to where they had abandoned the machine. Adao got to work immediately. By late afternoon, the machine sparked to life. And by sunset, it was time to go home.

“You ready?” Adao asked.

Ivy’s stomach lurched. The feeling of time travel hadn’t exactly been pleasant. And there was still a risk of being ripped to shreds during the journey. But still she nodded. “Ready.” She stepped onto the platform and into the strange, cold, electric flames.  Crazyland (7) Crazyland (6)


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