Chapter 20: The Groovy End

Perfect (3)  Grayson Tanaka was not filthy rich. Still, he and his husband JT lived in a beautiful home in a quiet suburb, which was filled with Grayson’s paintings and sculptures.Perfect (22)perfect (5)

“I’m not a famous artist or anything,” Grayson explained, “but I’m well-known locally, and I’ve sold a few important pieces.”

“He is far too modest,” said JT, rolling his eyes. “This man has had half a dozen successful shows in the past three years, in Calgary, Ottawa – even Quebec.” Ivy and Adao were impressed. They were also impressed when they met baby Diamond, JT and Grayson’s daughter. perfect (4) perfect (8) perfect (7)

“She’s beautiful!” said Ivy, running a finger along the baby’s soft cheek.

“You will never guess who our surrogate mommy was,” said Grayson, grinning. And right on cue, a very familiar woman with a zany hairdo sauntered into the room and scooped baby Diamond out of Grayson’s arms.

“Were you guys talking about me?” asked Virginia, her hazel eyes twinkling. perfect (6)

“We were just telling our guests that you had a groovy show lined up for us tonight,” said Grayson.

Ivy raised her eyebrows. “Groovy?”

Grayson shrugged. “It’s one of those words that came back in style a couple of years ago. Kind of like saying awesome.”

Ivy just shook her head. “Seriously? Groovy?”

The show turned out to be a wild rock concert held in Grayson and JT’s backyard. Dozens of neighbors came, including Adao and Melanie. And Virginia – Virginia was a superstar. Ivy danced along with the crowd, getting so wrapped up in the magic that she almost forgot that it was her friend, Virginia, who was singing like a bona fide pop star. perfect (14) perfect (13) perfect (11)

She did not, however, get so wrapped up that she failed to notice Adao and Melanie sneak away early. She had had a strange, nagging sensation about those two since they met yesterday. Like they were too perfect. It was eerie. She had tried to convince herself that it was only her imagination, but years of training to be a spy had taught her to trust her instincts.

Something was up.

Moments later, her suspicions were confirmed when she saw JT look in her direction and give a slight jerk of the head. Silently, the two slipped away from the party. Ivy could not participate, of course, but she hid in JT’s car and saw it all. Perfect (24)

Perfect (23)

Adao and Melanie and their robot army

Perfect (16)

Perfect (15)

Adao and Melanie use robots to detonate teddy bear-shaped bombs around the city.

Perfect (18)  Perfect (19) Perfect (20) Perfect (21)

Later that night, she returned to Grayson and JT’s house. “I can’t believe you missed that amazing concert!” said Adao. “Where were you?”

A slow smile spread across Ivy’s face. “Sometimes, it is better not to know what’s going to happen in the future,” she said.




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