Finding Phoenix


When you were a kid, did you ever dream of adventure? Did you wish that you could travel to a faraway place? New Zealand? Argentina? The moon?


Did you wish that you could be a different person, with a new name, new face, new identity? What if you could start all over again from scratch, with a whole new family?


That is what I did, and this is my story. My name is Xifeng Jin, and I am The Phoenix.


Finding Phoenix Chapter List

Chapter 1: My Name is Xifeng, and I am Not Chinese

Chapter 2: I Did Not Burn Down My Treehouse

Chapter 3: My Incurable Disease

Chapter 4: Far Far Away

Chapter 5: Love Times Three

Chapter 6: My Meet Cute Had an Unfair Twist

Chapter 7: Popularity Has a (Pretty Stupid) Price

Chapter 8: Phoenix Fails, Big Time

Chapter 9: Romance and Restlessness

Chapter 10: The Phoenix on Top of the World

Chapter 11: I Don’t Think We’re in Stjernelys Anymore

Chapter 12: The Real Arvid Bergfalk

Chapter 13: Close Encounters of the Ew Kind

Chapter 14: The Good in the Middle of the Not-So-Good

Chapter 15: Stuck in a Bizarre Love Triangle

Chapter 16: Something in the Water

Chapter 17: Who Knows What Lies Beneath?

Chapter 18: The Hiding Place

Chapter 19: The Runaways

Chapter 20: A Tale of Two Babies

Chapter 21: Xifeng the Gangsta

Chapter 22: The Place of the Sun and the Moon

Chapter 23: I Kind of Snapped

Chapter 24: Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come for You?

Chapter 25: The Fugitives

Chapter 26: George and Lennie, Alien-Style

Chapter 27: It’s Time to Get Ill

Chapter 28: The Sacrifice


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