Chapter 11: I Don’t Think We’re in Stjernelys Anymore

Taken (48)

It’s mind-boggling how quickly your life can change. One minute, you’re crazy in love with the man of your dreams, talking about your future together. The next minute, you’re staring into the tractor beam of an alien spaceship.

Right? I mean, if it hadn’t happened to me, I wouldn’t have believed me, either. But guess what – aliens are real. And they are not nice and sweet like E.T. or cute and furry like Gizmo. (Wait…was Gizmo even an alien?).

I was just starting to get ready for bed when I heard the shrill, high-pitched sound. I came running outside, thinking that it was the burglar alarm on my motorcycle. Then I saw it – a bizarre-looking vehicle hovering just above my house. A flying car? Some top-secret Scandinavian military plane? I stared in awe at the aircraft, wondering if I should snap a photo of it for my Instagram.

Taken (50)

Then, ZAP! A huge beam of light burst from the bottom of the aircraft, dazzling my eyes. I couldn’t see. The air around me crackled with energy. Too late, I tried to run away, but a strong force yanked me back. There was a strong tugging sensation, like ropes pulling me upward. Then I began to rise into the air.

Taken (56) Taken (52) Taken (53)

I screamed. I flailed my arms. But I could not break free of the powerful forces. It – whatever it was – pulled me into the depths of the ship. Then there was nothing but darkness.

This was not my bed. That was my first thought as I woke. My bleary eyes took in my surroundings like I was still caught in a dream. Rich furnishings. Expensive décor. And I was wearing a soft linen shift.

Taken (81) Taken (82)

Quickly, I sat up, my senses on alert. Whose bed was I in? Who had changed my clothes? I blinked, forcing my brain to remember.

Oh god…the aircraft. I jumped to my feet, panicked. I had to get out of here, wherever this was.

“Phoenix?” someone said.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. There stood Aksel Arild. “Stay away from me!” I shrieked, looking around for something to throw.

Aksel’s eyes widened. “Phoenix, calm down.”

I shook my head. “You – you kidnapped me! You monster!”

Taken (100) Taken (91)

“Will you just listen for a moment?” His voice grew urgent. “I did not kidnap you! Okay? They brought me here, too. They brought us both here.”

I stared at him, just noticing his disheveled appearance and ill-fitting, ripped clothes. He looked like he had been living in a dungeon. “Who brought us here?” I asked, my voice trembling.

Aksel swallowed. “Extra terrestrial beings.”

Was he crazy? I decided not to stick around and find out. I was getting out of here. I turned and fled the bedroom, searching for an exit.

“Phoenix, wait! You need to know—”

I didn’t stop to listen. I slid open the first door I saw and stepped outside.

I froze.

“I tried to warn you,” Aksel said behind me. We were standing in a vegetable garden, surrounded by unearthly glowing plants an d trees with leaves the color of mold. This was not Stjernelys. As far as I could tell, we were not anywhere on earth.

Taken (108)


One thought on “Chapter 11: I Don’t Think We’re in Stjernelys Anymore

  1. Sharae says:

    I wondering if the close encounter from her childhood would come back! Wow. Abducted to another planet just when everything was going her way. How long has Askel been there? Did anyone care/know he was missing? lol

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